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So regain your shape after birth

How To Get Your Shape Back After Birthing Tags: jogging progression after walking mobility Author: September 27, 2017 | Updated: November 1, 2018 Source: We know that it is not easy to get back to pre-pregnancy condition after childbirth, but we have a great plan that will make it easier for you to stick to your former self.
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Back Pain Cymbals: Disability Lifestyle Exercise Wrong Posture Author: October 23, 2007 | Updated: Dec 16, 2015 Source: Maternity Magazine Problems usually start unexpectedly: in a moment, our neck becomes so stiff that we can't even move our heads.
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Postpartum Hair Loss: What Can Help?

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Can Help? Tags: hair loss birth loss hair loss Author: October 21, 2019 Source: Not just a city legend, unfortunately, beauty can really inspire our hair crown. The exact cause of this is still unknown, but changes in estrogen and progesterone levels may be in the background.
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Colored wreath

Bakery wreath Cnmkék: Birthday cake bakery wreath Author: Klári Balбnyi October 15, 2011 Source: Maternity Magazine A quick, lactating cake containing only a little sugar. And here is the cooking season! ad Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula Recipe: Balányi Klérri Ingredients: 10 deca butter, 1 deci milk, 30 deca rice flour, 10 deca rice flour, a sachet (7 grams) of dried yeast, two teaspoons of sugar, one pinch of sugar, 1 kg sht.
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