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So teach your baby to spend the night in 10 days

So teach your baby to spend the night in 10 days

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If you want to sleep for at least 6 hours at a time, you should try the following method.

So teach your baby to spend the night in 10 days

Chronic sleeplessness affects a lot of little ones, but if we were rested, everything would be much easier, wouldn't it? Many can hardly wait for the holy day when their baby is over for the night. If the light of our eyes is gone for 6 months and you don't have any health issues, ъn. gradual withdrawal method application.Your guess Annie Simpson An infant and child sleep therapist who believes that learning to fall asleep without the need for our children is key. To do this, he has developed the following technique to slowly and gradually teach our baby to become self-proclaimed. However, he warns that every child is another, so we may need a little more in 10 days, but let's not give up and be consistent.1-2 daysOne step at a time to reduce our anxiety in the process of baby anesthesia. So we put the baby to sleep by holding it in our arms and rocking it, and when we fell asleep, put it in the baby bed? Then let's try to leave the rocking first. We hold the baby in our arms and put it into the baby when we see it asleep. Maybe in this case, put one of your hands on the back for 1-2 minutes and then leave the room. If you start crying, get out of bed and then start over. If you are waking up late at night or sleeping in the dunes, you should do the same.2-3. day If this goes well, it's time to go one step further. We will hold the baby in our arms again, and if it looks very demented, but still does not sleep (!) Put it in the bed. Now, put one hand on the back and hold it until it stops. In the meantime, we may be able to help her with some long, silent "sssss" voice. The goal is to feel the baby being with us, but be able to fall asleep before we have to rock it.5-6. dayNow, after the baby has been put in the baby, let's just stand or sit next to her in silence, but don't put our hands on the back. At this point, your child has probably learned to fall asleep by himself, and so the night-time awakenings may be reduced. If it weren't for you, don't be bitter, let's continue what we started!9-10. dayIf the little one is able to fall asleep alone in the aforementioned way, we are now waiting a few short distances from the baby before the dreamer arrives. Without talking to the periodic "ssss" in a relaxing tone, let's just wait for it to fall asleep, and then leave the room. Children take over our state of mind, so if they feel we are nervous, they will also be restless. It is very important that they also follow what is written here.Extra tip: Don't react to the baby's brains right away! The little ones often cry in their minds without waking up. If we jump on the wall, we might just wake him up. Wait a few minutes before making sure that the little one really sucks and just go back there.

Problem situations

Sickness: When a baby is sick, it is your sleep patterns may also change. In this case, the first thing to be convinced is that body contact is very important. Let's love, make love more often. It's okay to start sleeping early, be patient. Once the little one has healed, we can start the practice again. New skills: Just because your baby is developing, you don't have to change the method. If you are able to stand up in the baby, just lay it down over and over again, and continue sleeping where you started. The point is to help you really fall asleep on your own. And he will. He wakes us up at 3am and wants to play. In this case, we kindly but firmly hold the hand and send it back to your room. Let's not start with a long brush about why we need to sleep, just do the necessary minimum communication, put it in bed and then use the usual "ssss" voice (no body contact) to help you relax and relax elalvбsban. However, we recommend that you have at least 2-3 mascots for your child to sleep on, rather than a single favorite. So, if the net were to come in and lose one, there would always be another one that you would love to come to terms with.