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When feeding your baby nutrition, it is especially important that you build and store the most stringent safety precautions. Here are the 7 most important!

1. Tбpszerkйszнtйshez use only boiled and then cooled water, this can also be good quality tap water. Naturally, nitrate water is not, of course, sufficient for nutritional cooking. Only tested water can be used, and only after boiling. If you buy store baby water, you do not need to boil it, as long as you heat it to a potable thermometer. Use the opened baby water within two days! Most infections result from the use of poor quality, clean water.
2. Before you first make sure you read the guide carefully in the nutrition box. Do not mix more or less dietary powder with water. After removing the powder from the dosing tray, carefully seal the packaging and store in a cool, dry place. If your baby is not growing well or is struggling to make sure he or she has made the dose as recommended.
3. If recommended with hotter water you have made it, a significant part of your vitamin content is wasted. It should be cooler than warm. If you are not sure about the temperature, apply a small amount to your hand so that it is not too hot for the baby. But he'll be fine if you're just a room thermometer.
4. Do not pre-feed your diet! Although it would be a good idea to pre-mix your daily dose, don't do it! You need to pay attention to this because, contrary to popular belief, dietary powder is not sterile; contains cataractswhich, after preparation, can multiply in it. Even though the powder was sterile, bacteria will quickly appear in the finished formula, and the more you store, the more they will be. Untreated milk, that is, freshly milked milk, behaves quite differently from this point of view; Just because there was a slight lack of milk in the milk, there is no need to shed it; if you have a little skimmed milk, you can give it to the baby on several days. Just remember how long you can keep breast milk without freezing: at room temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius for 6-8 hours, refrigerated with ice cubes on the 24th of August, in the middle of the frost. All this, of course does not apply to milk from breast milk collectors should be used immediately because they are already heat treated!
5. If you give the formula mixed with breast milk, the formula requirements come to life, freshly prepared you can add mixers in which the nutritional part can only be freshly prepared. What remains is to be discarded.
6. In the first few months after each use, carefully wash it soothers, pacifiers with appropriate special brushes and sterilize once a day. Do not use disinfectant for this purpose but use a pot of boiling water or steam sterilization. Careful blurring and that is important in the future replace it monthly but not need to be sterilized every day.
7. If you are leaving your home, prepare the nutritional powder in the baby bottle beforehand and then bring the boiling water on the spot, which you can take with you in a thermos bottle or another baby bottle.