Children's room in the children's clubs!

Children's room in the children's clubs!

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If your child is hospitalized for several days, it may be very important to what environment you left it in and how you will meet again.

At home there is a nursery with pictures on the wall, patterned carpet, lots of toys, comfortable armchairs, chairs, tables, playgrounds. Unfortunately, few children's classes can afford to make the hospital environment so cozy. D-Link Hungary staff have decided to change this.
The Graduate Tool for Network Tools announces an application for a Hungarian health care institution that provides inpatient care for children or long-term rehabilitation.
Hospitals may seek to create a living room where children can play with the thoughts of the sick, and stay in touch with their family members. D-Link staff, in addition to full-cover furniture replacement and games, also have access to a television with an Internet connection for the patient in need of an in-patient facility that allows them to talk to their parents with ease.
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Expectation of the living room award at the winning townhouse on Children's Day!