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After each newborn, one tree is planted

After each newborn, one tree is planted

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More and more settlements are planted every newborn, and now Vpalpalota has joined the Initiative.

More and more places are planted in the country after each newborn. "Let's put a tree on every kid!" with the name Vpalarota now joining the initiative. The government wants to see more and more grassland and tree areas in the city, according to Polynuvians24.All newborns are planted with trees (photo: iStock) I consider it an important goal to introduce bushes and trees into the presently faunaous environment. Planting can create a pleasant, grassy area, and it will also significantly improve the drainage of rainwater, he told the newspaper Szilvia Galambos The citizen is also involved in the initiative: they can suggest places, and a community site will be launched.
The local government hopes that the planting initiative will also replace the trees that are currently in the wrong place, in the middle of the tree.
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