New Baby and Baby Exam at Home

New Baby and Baby Exam at Home

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Upon returning home - but also in the newborn class - all mothers are watching their baby carefully and naturally want everything to be in order. What is worth seeing and examining for parents at home?

Newborn and baby exam at home

The normal weight of a mature newborn is often loud and strong sнr, She's moving, that is to say, most of all, his hands, feet, ceaselessly, when he is awake and alive. When we get home on a few sunny days, the skin can be a little more pale in color. Because of this, the newborn is a little underdog, tired, and in this case, it does not move as well. This status is settled on a few days Newborn skin rye, peach-like, delicate to the touch. At the age of one week, it slightly dry and starts to blush. This is a normal reaction and requires heavy oiling, coloring. At this point, the scalp too, it is advisable to wash the frozen parts or to rub them lightly after bathing, and the skin sheets are stacked together and space is formed.Worth checking out kцrmцket too. The newborn womb often grows very quickly and has to be cut frequently. This is not an easy task. In the first two weeks, try to avoid the issue, if possible. Mostly it is good to cut off during sleep or after bedtime when your baby is calm. We recommend that you use a gnocchi (which is a baby only) with a rounded tip instead of a pointed tip, and that you have to disinfect the gels before you do. face, lips, lips, eyes. The face may be slightly different as the two sides of the baby are not exactly the same. However, if it is very different, consult your pediatrician or nurse. The eyes should be symmetrical, with approximately the same size and shape on both sides. Observe the eyes and visually check for lightness when fluttering, whether the light is flushing on one side, or whether it flows normally through the lumen, through the nose. The amount of nasal discharge that occurs when you try to swallow is significantly higher, the sooner your child starts sniffing (observed in older children). Normally, a large portion of the lumen passes through the cornea and undergoes ingestion or ingestion.Let's look into the baby's mouth (the best way to see it is when you swim), and look at the color of the inside of the jaw. If it is rusted and does not have a white mottled plaque, you probably do not have a blush. Often we have white dots on both sides and on the palate that are easy to disentangle. This is usually called soap or nickname soor oris. nyelvйt, move it well, move it in all directions, move right, left up, down. The tongue of the infants Idn. with a tongue stick to the mouth. The end of the tongue is then down. You also need to show this to a pediatrician, pediatrician or pediatrician who has a tongue-in-cheek surgery. In this case, let's cut out the language of the girls and the boys. In case of breastfeeding difficulties, this possibility should be considered as well. body and limbs. Lay it on your stomach and examine the shape of the buttocks and the femurs in the thigh, which are the same in number and number in well-developed infants. Sometimes, of course, it can be different, especially if the baby is a little "clumpier". In this case, show your pediatrician or physician. in orthopedic surgery. The pediatrician also looks at the child's back and skin. We will caress your spine and look for any color spots, moles, or hairs in this area, because if so, you should show it to your pediatrician. hairy scalp. Caress the head, neck all the way. Look at the baby's skin all the way. What is its color, palpation, turgor, ie tension? into your hands. He can grasp the finger of an adult very strongly. If you have both fingers pointing your finger into the small hand, you can hold almost your entire body. movement of limbs he is regular, alive, almost hugging, and lying on his stomach he begins to crawl. The newborn knows this already, and if we support the soles, he'll be kicking himself forward. kцldцkцt if you look at it, you can see that the baby's baby, who has been home for a few days, is still wanting. This should be cleaned daily and kept dry. According to current recommendations, it is I do not need it With 70% alcohol, it is not necessary to block the election or swing dust. The essence of being clean and dry is always around. If you experience a disorder, show it to your pediatrician. If you find it necessary, Octenisept solution once daily may be required. The stump is approximately ca. 2 weeks.It is good to lubricate the skin every day with pure baby oil (pharmacy sunflower oil). You know, it's "witch milk." This can be observed not only on the girl but on the baby. This natural hormonal reaction can be due to the high estrogen content of breast milk. Within a few weeks this is regressed and does not need to be considered abnormal. Be sure to show it to the nurse and the pediatrician.

The BCG vaccine

The vaccine given at New Year's Eve will be swollen for a few months, it will feel lumpy and then soften. At the same time it is not painful and its surroundings do not ignite, but such a хn time passed. "cold" goggles out. It is worth showing to a pediatrician and pediatric surgeon in this case. The vaccine reaction does not require any special treatment: keep it dry and do not rub it. Do not lubricate at all, do not stick, press, bandage.If the lymph nodes swell in the neck and armpit, be sure to see a pediatrician!Related articles in this topic:
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