Marcsi's Pregnant Man's Plate From 36 to 40 weeks ... and even to 41! From balloon to medicine ball

Marcsi's Pregnant Man's Plate From 36 to 40 weeks ... and even to 41! From balloon to medicine ball

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When will I be born? Then when everything is ready! That's what I hoped for and advertised above. But how can things not even start when there is nothing to wait for? I didn't dare think about it.

Of course, for a while, it seemed like everything was going to go smoothly. One month before birth, I quit work and started to get physically and mentally prepared. You would think that if you didn't have to go to work, you would have a sea of ​​time, but of course you wouldn't. First of all, the tests suddenly become thicker - full body, lab, ultrasound, and then weekly and then twice a week CTG. I need to get a piece of paper so I'm still a virgin. Then comes the big cleaning and, of course, the shopping when you finally get what you miss.
Nor did I expect my boyfriend to travel to London for three days, and to remain with the children, who, of course, had just become ill. But when I thought the house was going to fall on my head, it turned out to be my family, and especially my sister, who just moved to me when I was alone and handed things over. She was well-cooked, cooked, washed, cleaned, studied with the kids, and I had nothing else to do except sleep and eat what was left behind. I also told her I was in need, and I would not be remorseful if she moved to us after birth.
I didn't know the trouble was just coming and nobody had saved me. One day, just crouching over the toilet (yes, I always moan regularly), I heard a pretty big click over my belly and paff. I couldn't move - take a big breath, stand up, sit down, giggle, nothing. I was completely wrecked and had to spend the next few days in bed. Muscle-laced with cream, infrared, with warming - because of course it turned out that a mom can't get any coarser.
But despite all the excitement, the parent didn't want to start. Not the thirty-eighth week as I wanted it to be, the thirty-ninth week as I had hoped, or the fortyth week, as everyone expected. And really, until the last few days, I didn't really feel that this burden was a "burden" in the strict sense. In fact, I felt so weird and energetic.
We were waiting for you. And we expected and expected. And I felt that my body was getting ready, because there was a coyote and my waist stretched as strangely as if my pelvic bone was falling. But at the CTGs I went to twice a day for Bornborn, Kremmer, I still didn't see the time.
The ultrasound also said that my cushion is nice, the flow is fine, just the baby is a little small, so let me grow.
Of course, in the last week or so, one has only thought about birth. What it will be, how much it will bother you, how you can reduce the hardships. To reduce the fear in me, the Spiritual Puppy Book was very good, and I found some great butterfly practices. Since the author is of the opinion that the mouth and the larynx are in a reflex relationship, he advises that the mother should make a joke between the owls and the man to tell her jokes, because it all speeds up the wind. My dear gentleman was a little hesitant because so far he had only heard women who had reacted harshly when their couple tried to humor the baby, but he had finally told her to try to release the tension.
But when I read the part that the mole is twice as fast, if a man is irritating his butterfly's nipple, he has categorically refused to meditate. In vain, I stated that if there was something that could shorten my ions a little, it was his dog's duty to do that, he said he would not. Because what do you think of roula who come into the room? What a pervert who doesn't even leave his wife in the room in the bedroom? Do you still have sex again ???
We laughed at the idea long ago, and sure enough, the not-so-conventional approach to parenting helped me to look forward to the big day with confidence.
Marcsi's doctor, dr. Zoltán Ambrus Births, Medicover:
I was really excited when my promise came to light at first,
we think about exams in a similar way. If there is no problem, there is no need for monthly internal
vizsgбlatokra. And since I did not bleed, throat, there was no indication of infection
my complaint was that after the first gypsy examination only now, at week 37, I had to stop again
lying in an uncomfortable chair. That's when Group B comes in
time of streptococcal filtration. The examination is performed on the vagina.
- Although this disease in adult women does not cause any complaints, it is very important,
because they are more likely to be infected, premature,
before long burlap. In addition, half of the newborns can contact themselves
with her, for example, in the postpartum period, and this severe birth sickness in the weeks following her birth
can cause such as pneumonia or cerebral inflammation. Because the New Year's Eve
fishing third, this is the responsible, important information that the mother carries.
This way, you can immediately filter out vulnerable babies who need extra care
to pay attention. In the event of a problem, antibiotics can be given immediately.