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Room Cleanliness: Can help with the bell, brain control or success calendar

Room Cleanliness: Can help with the bell, brain control or success calendar

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She was once clear, but now she's sneaking in again? Are you okay with going to the toilet in the daytime, but you often get drained at night, even though school is always here? Look here, if you can find a solution after all!

A bell, brain control or success calendar can help

Rings are vibrating

There is a small structure that alerts the wearer with a bell and / or vibration if the underbody gets wet, even at night. THE pisicsengх it can be a solution if the problem can be ruled out organ problems, infections, mental and psychological background. There is also a version that comes with a moisture-proofing sheet. The child can't get used to the sound of the alarm because many people are dying. With the help of it, after a while, your wearer will wake up spontaneously and go to the toilet again if needed.Бra: 20-30 thousand HUF
Hint: There are libraries where you can hire one besides your baby's balance, and be aware that ad portals are full of useful gadgets.

A psychologist's method of brain control

Dr. Knygy's Йva put a small pack together Children over 4 yrs, with a book and audio aimed at quitting. The booklet helps parents and children develop good attitudes, and provides many tips on activities that support quitting. There are a fairy tale on the CD, it is worth listening to it before going to bed. With help, the child understands what he or she needs to do to say goodbye to splashing.Бra: $ 5,000
Hint: If you do not know or do not want to take your child to a psychologist yet, but you have suggested occupations, then this is the one for you.


It's a good idea to keep your child dry when it was dry and when it was wet. A little bit about that motivated to play you can call it - a calendar for help. This can be done by anyone in the house: buy / print a blank calendar, and buy small clouds and sunny figures or stickers. For the days, you have to glue everywhere the clouds that the sun naturally puts on after a dry night, so that day in the calendar blossoms. Positive visual feedback will hopefully be a great motivator.Бra: depending on the construction, 1-2000 HUF
Hint: You can also access the Bedwetting Diary Free app, which can do the same thing digitally. Download and drive the night with your child on your smartphone, tablet! Night urine (enuresis nocturna) the third most common childhood disease, which means involuntary loss of urine during sleep. Primary form in case of urinary incontinence intermittent sleep disturbance at birth, the child has never had dry nights. In the case of secondary nocturnal urination, the child was clean for at least six months, but after that They applied again night accidents. Lйtezik so that only the йjszakai bepisilйs the tьnet or same mбs tьnetekkel (vizeletfertхzйs, szйkrekedйs frequent vizelйsi stimuli, small hуlyagkapacitбs) kнsйrve.Ezeknek can cause organ but kivбlthatjбk fertхzйsek, gyulladбsok, йs cause vizeletkivбlasztбst szabбlyozу hormone termelхdйsйnek also elйgtelensйge . If your child is still Even above her age regularly peeing at night, it is strongly recommended that you check it out so that the right therapy can be started as soon as possible!
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