For decades, we know that they have cancer swell

For decades, we know that they have cancer swell

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For years, the manufacturer knew that swarm dust contained asbestos. One summer ago, the company Johnson & Johnson is responsible for getting more ovarian cabinets among women who have used their swing dust.

A born-in-life life in the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit, the target is pledged to pay $ 4.1 billion in penalties and $ 550 million in damages to the jury in the state of Missouri. The idea is that the company is responsible for the fact that many women who have used their swing powder have received ovarian cubicles. The lawsuit was filed on 22, but the lawsuit was filed against a total of 11,700 people, according to the Index.It was claimed that the fats found in their swellings contained asbestos, which is known to be cancerous. The defense also stated that the company had known this precisely since the 1970s, but did not inform consumers about it. Johnson & Johnson denied the defense and will appeal. For decades, we knew that asbestos was in swing dust Testimonials, pointed memos, internal correspondence, notes, and examination reports were used in a Reuters investigative article. Based on these, the company has been testing swing powders since 1971 and contained asbestos in smaller quantities throughout the early 2000s. Many people knew about asbestos: the leaders of the companies, the researchers, the doctors, the lawyers and the leaders of the companies. Johnson & Johnson knew exactly the currency at which asbestos can be found in swings, the most important ingredient in swing, and the effect it could have on consumers. As early as 1957, the company knew that asbestos was found in the neighborhood of the largest fat removal sites. We know that asbestos has been damaged since 1970 and we also know that as little as possible. The New York Times said that - a health surveillance employee once stated that an asbestos-bearing passport could only be made public "on the body". The New York Times contacted Krystal Kim, 53, of Johnson, 10 years Baby Powder, as many women have used baby swab powder on the face or just around the corner. Five years ago, Krystal Kim was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Х one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against the Tiger. All he wanted to do was to remove cancerous swabs from the store shelves or, if they didn't, to warn buyers about the dangers of swaddling dust.