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Doctors didn't expect much for baby 700 grams

Doctors didn't expect much for baby 700 grams

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Three months before this date, the tiny George, who is considered a miracle by the doctors, has come to the world: he has just given him a chance of a million.

Her mother's mother, Hanna Rose, started her pregnancy completely normal and had no problem until week 23 when she began to complain of back pain. "I thought I was just pushing myself, and I never remembered that parenting really started," he said. "We were told in the hospital that it was not a simple pain that I was feeling. I was quite confident I was convinced that George could not overcome it."The baby had been in the hospital for 26 weeks Hanna finally gave birth to a baby after she was pregnant, who hadn't even reached gestation week 24. It is a miracle of medicine, as the birthright of such an early child is barely 35-40% alive without the womb. George weighed less than 700 grams and was almost immediately ventilated and incubated. "I didn't want to talk to the doctors or name him because I couldn't believe he could stay alive. We couldn't get it right, his skin was perfectly fine," says his mother. The newborn had liver problems, had to be killed immediately, and lost a lot of blood during the operation. Late bruising and meningitis have developed. Hannah and her partner, Daniel, have been prepared for the worst, and doctors have not even recommended them to have a birth certificate. But George's condition began to improve. The baby finally spent 26 weeks in the hospital before he could return home. Unfortunately, he is suffering from chronic lung problems, and has suffered from multiple heart attacks, and according to experts, the area of ​​the brain responsible for mobility is significantly damaged, but his parents should be optimistic and do everything. "We have to go to the hospital with him every day, but it's wonderful to be here and be with him," Hanna said. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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