Don't expect to be ready for motherhood

Don't expect to be ready for motherhood

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Don't expect to be ready for motherhoodGenerally speaking, there are a few external and internal conditions that need to be given in order to say you are ready to have a baby. travel, partying or foreign life. Internal factors are closely related to this, as well as a well-functioning relationship (in which the communication between the parties is honest), and a sense of willingness to the man who is here and now, and who is making this irisian decision today, will he be the same man when this change comes. However, this includes not only the metaphysical hypothesis of personal identity, but also the assumption that parenthood is an experience that can be "realized."

It's impossible to cook

L.A. Paul In his recent book, the philosopher coined the term "transformative experience" to describe childbirth and upbringing.
"Just as the knowledge he has gained from one's experience is incalculable to another person, what you expect to know about yourself in relation to the future is equally unpredictable in the present time," he said. because we do not know what it will mean to us when it really comes to a halt.

Generally, how can you prepare for something we don't know?

According to the philosopher, instead of trying to answer the question, "will parenting make me happier?" let's try to answer honestly, "I want to know how sensitive you are to being a baby?"

Nobody knows the answer

This is only a good idea because statistics about the relationship between parenthood and happiness do not paint a very positive picture. Parents generally have less time to spend, more tired, and the housewives have much less time to live the romantic side of their relationship. dread. However, if you want to make yourself vulnerable to this vulnerability, it is better to look for other challenges in life, because with this awareness you will And our identity also changes during the "transformative experience" of parenting, then does anyone in the world know the answer to the above question? (Article source here)Related articles in the topic of children:
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