Success stories XX.

Success stories XX.

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Come to the zoo! Avian flu, swine fever, tetanus, chickenpox, parrot. Now, in this exotic environment, raise a healthy human child!

From different points in the world, new "human" viruses arrive week after week. (My friend says catworm is the only one that will never be vaccinated, but immunization should be tried.) How human and animal viruses are mixed up should not be discussed (who or what it is until then) private), let's just keep on importing.
It just occurred to me that we had managed to spend a great "wellness weekend" in St. Louis Bay. (You know, we have to remedy these conditions there.)
Yeah, it started with a mild to moderate inflammation. According to some physicians, give us PERSZECILLIN because it is some kind of persecution-induced inflammation, but we have to make sure that the drug manufacturer has carefully placed a small amount of clavulan in the stomach. He became a diarrhea, and remained a sleeper. Direction number two, this time it is philippine. AMAZTAcillin in elevated doses (with nanucluclinic acid, diarrhea), hypnotic anesthesia, depression Hazamehetьnk. Diarrhea worsens with vomiting and inflammation. Children begin to sneeze and lose fluids everywhere in the body. Phone gypsy, stop using the antibiotic. If there is gas, call it again. There is Gzz. Circles, fallen eyes, fever, chills, zero. This is not really a word for kucluclonic acid. What now? Phone again. I think they have rotavers, let's get in the Holy West before the revolution breaks out! (We are going to October 23rd.) I am also weak in Borika, luckily we are still in the hospital and we are already sick. BEUTБLУ? I'd love to waste Csenge's stuff on the recording, but agree on the EMERGENCY. Direction of the class. Nice place. Shutter systems, disinfected everywhere. Sterile corridor for personnel, external transport for powder. To the left are the "rotators", to the right the "HiNis", the middle ones are exotic. Not to say, I've piped in a few places ...
Szйkletminta? They do it by heart, just so they don't look like urine. Don't joke, Dad! Didn't you realize that your kids were dry? But, he was suspicious, we're here. What drugs are you taking lately? Persecylin, Atazacillin for inflammation. Baromsбg! Husky inflammation should be given NANEHOGYMBNCillin, and they will get it here. (I think it would be worthwhile to ask the rector of the medical university whether it would be expedient to introduce some kind of core curriculum, just like fashion.) It is also possible that in their age the hymen usually spontaneously heals. (Kцsz!)
As long as the vomiting does not go away and the pet is not "molded", it will be infused. (What shape do you like to think of?) Irvny's statue! And if they did, they would take them to a gastroenterologist, and they would do so little. (Huh!)
Toys: in the kidneys (catching handguns) in front of the spider, in the spider's hand, the paddles are led by Csenge, so they sail to the small part of the iron. Gypsy's bunch of shaggy hairs bouncing over the slozi, his mother as an enthusiastic weapon bearer pushes the infusion out, they are just going to practice shaping.
Transfiguration: Dad picks the bottle off, Mom picks the free hand, puts the head down, and then puts the other hand on the other hand, then the same with the pajamas top back. With twins, it's sitty-sutty. Tomorrow we start early in the afternoon to have dinner.
Breakfast: a full-length masked, overalls, hair bandaged woman over the glass (Zoma lingers in my neck), I try to show the woman that we will not die, we will fuck before she walks He was a food manager and just pointed out that he put breakfast in our leafy cupboard. (Yeah, a bit of a resort, but yeah.)
Walking in the Park: My Man is like two winged Napoules (you can't put a sleeve on a brilliant hand), but the walk is good for them. Irбnyнtуtбbla. To the right of the bar, to the left is the Tropic of Disease. We turn right.
This is also the time to thank everyone who helped bring the Noodles back together. They're good, but that hell of a mold doesn't go too far.