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Children's emergency care is being reorganized

Children's emergency care is being reorganized

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The government is organizing a week-long emergency and emergency care for children, and the transition has just begun, your Nephew has learned. They expect faster, more efficient provision.

The government is organizing a week-long emergency and emergency care for children, and the transition has just begun, your Nephew has learned. The program, which costs 14 billion, aims to provide all children with the most up-to-date care within a maximum of 90 minutes.Gyula Velkey, chairman of the Association of Hungarian Pediatricians, Bethesda Children's Hospital Director General, told the Nephew that for years she had a professional job - childhood infirmities, traumatic illnesses, and childhood urgency. Children's emergency care is being reorganized With the reorganization, a network will be created with the creation of several capitals and five centers in the countryside - Győr, Debrecen, Szeged, Miskolc, Pécs, where all the necessary medical care can be reached in one place.
Gyurgy Velkey ​​said that the planned capital city childhood system has some uncertainties, so for example, it is not yet possible but there is a greater chance of a faster, more efficient provision. There will still be more areas of medicine, such as specialty eye care or individual facial trauma, which will continue to be in adult centers. Long waits can occur in less severe cases. The seven large centers from which the horns are opened have additional regional benefits. Thus, only the most complex cases need to be rescued by the rescue centers to the centers, where possible by helicopter. As a result of the program, so-called pediatric and pediatric emergency medical training will be launched in the future. does not require emergency care. In banal, non-acute cases, it is more worthwhile to go to the in-house pediatrician or specialist surgery because sometimes you have to call someone beside the sick, explained the Director General. megemlнtette Pйldakйnt: tъli the csecsemхkoron children rush to mбs jelentхsebb tьnet not sьrgхssйgikre - kiszбradбs, elesettsйg nйlkьl - jelentkezх lбzzal, hбnyбssal, kцhцgйssel, however, have to hurry to sьrgхssйgire the vйrzх sйrьlйsekkel the deformбlуdott vйgtagokkal, koponyasйrьlйsekkel, eszmйletzavarral, fokozуdу hasfбjбssal, mйrgezйssel or with a flabby, sullen baby. The summer break is approaching, many accidents at this time, but according to Velkey, there are many avoidable injuries. For example, he mentioned that traveling a child in a bicycle luggage, without proper living, with an extended leg could lead to open travel. Its extremities may be interred. There are skull cuts due to the lack of a crash helmet. It also happens that in the hot spring you do not get enough to drink diarrhea small and dry out. According to Gyor Velkey, these things could be prevented with a little care. Most often, one-three-year-olds smell hot fluid. Adolescents nowadays tend to self-pile on top of trains and suffer from high-voltage injuries due to high tension.