Baby: When and how to press?

Baby: When and how to press?

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Is there any way to "press" correctly? As far as we know, it's worth listening to our lusts here too!

Baby: When and how to press?First-time moms are most afraid of birth because they have no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, if we read afterwards and come to a birthing course, there is no guarantee that everything will work out in the living room as we imagined it to be. In the Facebook group affiliated with Small Parenting Village, the following 3 questions are most common in moms: - How do I know when to press?
- Is there a recipe for exactly how to push the baby?
- How do I know I'm doing well?

When to Press During Birth?

As long as you are not properly exhausted, there is no point in depressing, as you will only lose the energy you will need in the first place. First and foremost, you should know what stages your birth is. According to the 9th of the month's book, these are the most important states:Section 1This can be divided into three further sections: initial phase, active phase and transition phase. In the initial phase, the concussions are only 35-45 seconds long and approx. 20 minute breaks buy them. And the cavity is only 3 centimeters apart. This section is the longest, lasting from three to six hours or even longer. In the active phase, the center can be open to 7 centimeters, and the wheezing becomes more intense and lasts for 3-4 minutes60 seconds. This section is about three hours long. During the rapid transition phase, the lamb is fully open (10 cm) and the coccyx is 60 to 90 seconds long and appears every 2-3 minutes.Section 2Then it is time to move out, as the action has reached its maximum. This can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours. They also feel a little irresistible on the part of the press, and finally the irish press. All this can be affected by a tingling, tight, stinging, dry sensation on the vagina as the baby's head presses forward and forth. However, the moment the baby slips out is usually not tired.Section 3The ending chord of childbirth is the cessation of the bed. You may have finer concussions after your baby is born, but there are mothers who feel nothing of it. In this case, the doctor will usually help you by gently pulling the cord with one hand and pushing the waist back with the other, asking you to push at the right time. This is often 5 minutes, but lasts up to one hour.

And then how to press correctly?

As most moms in the Smart Parenting Village have told you about, depressing your baby is more like printing out the most depressed in your life when you have a depressed sensation. Yes, unfortunately, it may happen that you "go in" unexpectedly, but it's completely normal, so you don't have to worry about it! So, don't let your stamina fall into the press (though, at this point, you probably won't be bored anymore). Here are some tips for a real mom: - Try to completely relax your body and focus on your abdomen and vagina with all your strength.
- Squeeze your chest to your chest, or gaze at your sender - this will help you to concentrate.
- Do not strain your upper body, face and eyes to prevent chest pain and bruises on the face, eyes.
- Take one or two deep airs and press for the same amount of time between contractions or when the contraction is strongest. The pressure should lead the baby, not the rhythm.
- Find out when your contractions are, but you don't have to worry, your doctor will tell you when to get up and when to push.
- If you feel like it is not going through the process of parenting, try changing your position. Raise your pelvis immediately before pressing, and then add everything.
- If your doctor counts 10 out of the way, don't stop pressing until the count is over.

Are you doing good?

Most mom says you will know exactly how to press when the time comes. If you do something wrong, your doctor and your baby (or dla) will help. Some of them are born with a slightly pointed head, but don't worry, none will stay that way! If you do not press it too efficiently, your baby may get stuck in the cervix, and with a little step in the middle, the problem can be solved and you will succeed in pushing your baby out. In fact, you may try out (or practice) some low positions, which will lower the cobwebs. You can also have a birth plan if you have not made sure you are on the same wavelength with your doctor and birth (via smartparenting)
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