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Parents' mood during pregnancy affects the development of the child

Parents' mood during pregnancy affects the development of the child

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It has clearly been shown that parents' emotional, mental condition during pregnancy affects the child's later behavior.

First, research has been done on how each parent's mood affects the development of the baby during pregnancy. A research group at Cambridge, Birmingham, New York and Leiden Universities not only examined maternal stress, or only fathers, but also the two - said 24h.Parents' mood during pregnancy affects the development of the child In the study, 438 first-time mothers and fathers who were expecting children were asked about how they felt mentally and mentally, and after they were born again, the children were again at 4 to 14 days. It turned out that there is a strong link between the mother's mental state and the development of the child, mothers who were more stressed or depressed during their pregnancy, were more likely to have children with behavioral problems. during the pregnancy they were struggling with relationship problems. These children were much more insistent, leaner than those whose parents survived without problems during pregnancy. it also affects the child's behavioral problems.
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