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Parenting with a kid's head

Parenting with a kid's head

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It is scary, shocking and scandalous when children are born; in the past, more such histories have been heard. But giving birth at a young age does not only raise moral concerns: it also has health risks.

Having a teenage kid can be very dangerous

Years ago there was a huge storm that suggested that nine or eleven-year-olds were born. Both babies are healthy, but that does not mean that having a baby at a very young age is medically acceptable. In fact, according to maternity nurses, even teenagers can have more complications than having an "adult" woman if they have a baby. Extremely young mothers are not only emotionally but physically immature for childbirth. The bodies of childhood mothers are not mature enough to carry a pregnancy: they are too small and their pools are too tight. In addition, the sudden increase in "hormondosis," which can accompany pregnancy, can lead to mild developmental abnormalities in the mother's body during growth. " website dr. Abdullah Al-Khan Specialized Maternity Surveillance for Endangered Pregnancies. "That is why, too young mothers are reluctant to perform cesarean section." Dr. Al-Khan also listed other risk factors: increased risk of stillbirth and premature birth in children and adolescents; Newborns are usually less weighty than those born to older mothers, and chromosomal abnormalities are more common. And the mother is less likely to suffer from hepatocellular carcinoma, anemia and preeclampsia. Motherhood of childhood they die more often in childbirth, postpartum complications such as women aged 20-24 years; there are many cases of irreversible damage to the vagina or uterus; more often and for a longer period of time suffer from postpartum depression. These babies they are not psychically prepared pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care: they also need to be taken care of. Pregnancy is very often a result of sexual harassment or rape, and children have to face not only pregnancy, childbirth, but also the mental problems of punishment.

How can a baby get pregnant?

Biologically, sexual maturation is associated with the date of the first menstrual period (usually occurring after 12 years of age), but ovulation, which is a precondition for conception, may occur shortly before; thus, it is possible to become pregnant at the very first sexual intercourse.Rarely a developmental disorder or a disease associated with brain cancer is early sexual maturation, the puberty praecox. Children under the age of eight speak to women's nurses. The consequences of hormonal dysfunction are, among other things, that the bones are "prematurely" prematurely, so that growth can be slowed down or stopped, and the child becomes more prone to breast ovaries. In girls, early puberty, along with the premature development of secondary sexualities, very early menstruation.So they are more exposed to sexual punishment (since they are "almost" like older and more).

Girlfriends in danger

According to the nuns the ideal time for having a baby is between 22 and 35 years old, younger or older women are already in the vulnerable category. Research from the American Guttmacher Institute reveals that teenage mothers (whether they are living in the United States or Nigeria) are serious souls. Because most of these pregnancies occur "unintentionally," the mother tries to keep this secret, so she does not take part in pregnancy care and is often unaware of the physical effects of pregnancy.Йrdekessйg
The youngest mother in the world is a Peruvian baby of just five and a half, Lina Medina volt. In 1939, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy by cesarean section. Medina never spoke to the child's father or arrogant about how she got pregnant. He went to an adult male, and gave birth to his second child 39 years old. He is still living in Limab. According to medical records, the baby is one of the most extreme cases of early puberty. In addition, teenage mothers are pregnant and the baby is at risk for malicious passionssuch as regular alcohol consumption, smoking, and drug use. Older women who are consciously pregnant are generally trying to ignore them. In most cases, teenage children who eat a child do not eat well and do not take fetal vitamins. stress due to a hidden pregnancy, along with hormonal changes, can expose adolescents to more insecure psychological challenges. Nearly ninety percent of teenage mothers are unmarried, and half of the fathers give up their relationship as soon as they become pregnant. In the United States and the United Kingdom, few couples are married at the time of conception, but are often divorced before the child's first birthday. Just as teenage mothers (unless she has a very strong parenting background) are at risk of dropping out of school, unemployment, and poverty.They may also be interested in:
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