Semmelweis Halasi Kуrhбz, Kiskunhal

Semmelweis Halasi Kуrhбz, Kiskunhal

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Compassion, patience, trust. This is the secret to the ever-smaller number of cesarean delivery in Kiskunhalas.

"We shouldn't talk now," she closes her head dr. Attila Horváth Head of Department. - We are on the verge of transformation, lovely, and we are moving into a new business in a year, where we will have three single-bed rooms, organically complete with an asterisk. We also design an alternate nursery with a ribbed wall, a butt, and a walk-in bathroom with a 24-room room-in system. Pregnant care is provided by the Moving Medical Services in the surrounding settlements. Laboratory screening examinations are carried out at specialist clinics or here at the hospital. We have a relationship with the guys. Parenting and baby counseling is taking place in the health center.
The theoretical training on the Fire Ready for Childbirth course is complemented by gymnastics, breathing exercises, and relaxation by a trained trainer. Surveillance confirms that baby boomers are less likely to need surgical termination. Cupping in Kiskunhalas has a tendency to decrease. - Our doctors are in place, they can come to the birth anytime, and we work with an experienced maternity team. There is no rush, no hurry, what we expect, because nature is smarter. Patience is the main strength of birth control - adds the chief physician. - In many places, it is believed that a cup is always followed by a cup. That's not true at all! With increasing numbers, natural births follow the first cesarean section, while the number of welds has not increased.

Andrea Beke is expecting a boy named Zalan. Mary, the nurse is talking to her during the NST examination

Newborn babies are treated according to the rules of the profession: it means spending, mouth, eye drops. If the mother asks for it, they put it on their stomach for a few minutes, then bathe it, like the father's help, and puts the baby in the pussy. After a little acquaintance with her mother, she is then taken to the Newborn ward where she is placed in an incubator. This is to avoid this cooling, because if you munch on your mummy's belly a lot, you can slow it down - explains the chief doctor. Usually, mothers breastfeed in the gym first, but if they do, they also have the opportunity in the nursing room.
Within six hrs of childbirth, most mothers start breastfeeding if they feel comfortable. After a cesarean section, the baby is taken to her mother's wake, breast free the next day. This is told by Ivan, the son-in-law of Louisville, Sanderson, who has been in the infant and infant class until the end.
- We support breastfeeding on demand, and take good breastfeeding babies to their moms again. Breastfeeding babies receive breast milk or nutritional supplements, water, tea for everyone, a couple of sips, or more in the summer.
Facts and figures:
Year of birth: 638 (2009)
The cuttings ratio is 24 percent.
Currently, there are two double bedrooms, the beds are separated by a screen.
There is a need for a lightweight ball.
You can bring music to your living room.
Parenting is possible.
Pregnancy pathology works on the basis of professional minimum conditions.
There are different types of analgesics available, EDA is also available on request, but needs to be discussed in advance.
The trimming, shaving routine, is only mandatory for premature birth.
Living room is room-in.
There are a total of 32 beds in the maternity ward.
There are newborn pathologies, sub-intensive and premature care.
(This article highlights December 2010 status.)


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