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5 varied children's programs

5 varied children's programs

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Exhibition of exotic animals, Nákk Lapja Családdi's Weekend, Alma concert, theater performances. No age will be bored!

Nõk Lapja Family Home - Free!

Kйzmыves foglalkozбsok (ujjbбbkйszнtйs, gyцngyfыzйs, szйlforgуkйszнtйs, kavicsfestйs, arcfestйs, elхadбsok for children (fairy-tale musical, lufihajtogatу, Bуbita egyьttes) йs adults (Lola, Cross Ildikу, Szinetбr Dуra йs Bereczki Zoltбn the Nхk Journal munkatбrsainak fogadууrбja) gyуgypedagуgiai, pszichopedagуgiai, logopйdiai tanбcsadбs , makeup and skin care consultancy
2/3/2017, Sat-Sun, 10 am-8pm
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20), park

Terra Plaza Gigantea - International Exotic Animal & Plant Fair

Interactive programs, exhibitions of terraristic, aquaristic and exotic animals, biological and palaeological exhibitions, guides and lectures with guides, lectures
2012-02-02-03, Sat-Sun 10 am-6pm
Millenbris (1024 Budapest, Kis Rуkus u. 16-20) Booklet

Mountain Days - 2012.

tыzoltуszerkocsi-bemutatу, rendхrsйgi kutyбs йs riding bemutatу, rendхrsйgi jбrmыvek kiбllнtбsa, gyorsasбgi competition nyomrцgzнtйs, ujjnyomkйszнtйs, cйlbadobбs, kцvйszet (йs lйzerrel szivacslцvedйkkel) autуvezetйs szimulбtoron, kцzlekedйsi park, kйzmыves foglalkozбsok, felnхtt egйszsйgьgyi programs gyermekgyуgyбszati ​​szыrйsek, egйszsйgnevelйsi programs focibajnoksбg , Grass Music, Concerts (Alma Orchestra, Tamarazene, Jonas Vera Triu, Nikolett Vörska Quartett, Budapest Jazz Orchestra and Andrea Szulбk, Jeddah)
06-02-2012, Saturday 10:00 AM
MOM Cultural Center (1124 Budapest, Csörs u. 18), Chestnut Garden, Sirбly Street

IX. Sunny Festival

Stories (Acrobat, Beast and Strokes), Healthy Treats, Fun, Family Programs (Circus Mechanicus, Rufous Babies, Patterned Bands, Artist's), Interactive Instruments konzultбciуk
3/6/2018, 9am Sun.
Pecsa Music Hall (1146 Budapest, Vřrosliget, Zichy Mihбly 14.t 14.), Vrosrosliget

Jánnos vitéz (9 years old)

This is a fairy tale: a story full of adventures and wonders, wonders and disappointments that everyone unwittingly expects, as it is simple and imaginative with the visual, visual, interactive . Color and puppet, volume and sound, light and music, in close intertwining, produce great proportions of output, projected motion picture, live actors, signified and foreign objects. (Genre: Liszt's Symphonic Poems and Songs.)
7/7/2017 THURSDAY, 3:00 PM
Hummingbird Children's and Youth Theater (1061 Budapest, 10 Yukai Street)


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