Influenza: Simple But Effective Methods To Prevent5 + 3 Practical Tips

Influenza: Simple But Effective Methods To Prevent5 + 3 Practical Tips

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Here's the flu season, and it can last for up to a few weeks. What simple but effective methods can help reduce the risk of infection?


Not only is tea good if you are already ill, it also plays a major role in prevention. Tea with honey and lemon has an antibacterial effect, helps to dissolve the already adherent cravings, and steam stimulates the tiny hairs, lumps in the nose, which are the main functions of the body before it is lost. Hot honey tea also helps in prevention

Eat properly!

Even educators are well aware that if you do not want to be sick, you have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. However, it does not make sense to replenish white blood cells, for example, because protein deficiency affects the functioning of our immune system. Yogurt or sauerkraut (and other fermented meals) contain high levels of fun probiotics, which are very important for maintaining a healthy state of the skin, especially during the sick period. Are you having trouble consuming green or fruit before? Make a smoothie or smoothie and start your morning!

Have some disinfected cloths!

We can't even imagine how dirty the objects, surfaces that we touch regularly, even if they look clean, can be dirty. Door handles, light switches, keyboards, car trolleys or just the grip of a vehicle can put a lot of people in our hands and from there into our body. This may be especially true for children who are more likely to touch their face or mouth. Always have a sanitizing cloth to wipe over not only items, but also your hands!

Don't touch everything!

You can also add the following advice: Don't touch everything, touch as few objects or surfaces as others can. For example, you should always have your pen down so you don't have to tell the customer what's in the bank or in the mail.

Sleep well!

This may seem like a luxury to a small child, but it is also very important. The more tired, exhausted you are, the easier it is for you to attack your body and make it harder for you to get infected. If you can, get some sleep in the middle of the day and get to bed early in the evening.

Plus 3 lightning tips

  • If you have hesitation or holy, you should try to exhale slowly when you are waking up, until you are 3-4. This is how you can prevent breathing on the rodents!
  • Use fresh water-filled nasal spray or sea salt nasal spray daily to help eliminate bacteria, viruses and bloating.
  • If you can, massage yourself regularly! Not only does this help the circulation and muscles, but it also helps to reduce stress, so it stimulates the immune system.


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