The first complex home in Europe has been launched

The first complex home in Europe has been launched

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The first complex home in Europe has been launched

Unique in Europe, the site launched in September under the name Lakáscél.Company.

One destination - more choices

Lakбscél.Company has no less purpose than its name suggests. That is, the start-up of lбtogatуk lakбs cйlъ бlmainak megvalуsulбsбt segнti the lehetх legbiztonsбgosabb, leginkбbb kцrьltekintх mуdon, the initial fбzisoktуl egйszen the utolsу mozzanatokig, szу be a meglйvх credit kivбltбsбrуl, hбzvбsбrlбsrуl, korszerыsнtйsrхl, bхvнtйsrхl, or бtйpнtйsrхl йppen felъjнtбsrуl. All this by combining all related aspects of a home on a single site, which is a great help for less experienced or completely inexperienced users who need help without specialist support , cost-effectively, safely, and what's more, on a platform, we can eliminate a number of unpleasant elements of a similar residential project. Users of the portal do not have to save a lot of space, asking for a lot of time, the cost of the end, the hidden costs, the time limits chosen, the materials used and the quality of the materials used. It is to maximize this security factor and to create a "win-win" baseline for the Home.Company portal, where the demand and the supply side are harmoniously and without risk. All through a well-controlled registration system and a large professional and user database.

How does it work?

Visitors arriving with home imagery do not have to do anything like simply register on www.lakascel.company in just a few moments. During your registration menьpont the sajбt felhasznбlуi fiуkunk lйtrehozбsa utбn immediately define the exact igйnyeinket lakбscйlъ of the elkйpzelйseink, sхt megbнzуkйnt the lakбscйl feltцltйsйnйl opciуkйnt also define when szeretnйnk to the elkezdхdjцn projektьnk megvalуsнtбsa.Ezutбn, 72 уrбn belьl a fьggetlen szakйrtх out lбtogat to us who do the "home survey", be anywhere in the country, and then upload the prepared budget into the portal system. As we receive an official quote from TERC, you do not have to worry about undercutting or overwriting your desired project. is one of the largest company certified by Bisnode Hungary Ltd. If they meet the criteria for a rigorous certification, they will then receive a certificate.

Bidding auction system

Filled in by independent professionals, these professional builders will compete in a negative bid auction. By bidding one at a time, the price is lowered and lowered, so the execution price is constantly reduced, and the registered user will, of course, receive immediate notice. In this system, users can express not only their best impressions, but also in the shortest possible time. After all, as the lakбscйlunk feltцltйsйnйl we ourselves pontosнthatjuk mikortуl aktuбlis, ъgy the kivitelezхk also indicate when to start tudjбk legkorбbban szуban forgу projektet.Mindezt a szakйrtхk kцzremыkцdйsйvel who vбllalnak mйg garanciбt get elkйszнtett munkбra by the minхsйgtanъsнtvбny, as Lakбscйl.Company they will only be paid if the independent technician, the Technical Controller, has approved a state of the art in our finished, completed home.

Multiple winners at once?

In many cases, quality and time are factors that determine the price. In Lakáscél.Company's unique system, all of this is provided simultaneously. If it is a priority to start construction on time, and to finish it on time, then we also get extra help, as the users of the portal can decide after the "auction", which one should be lost. The most favorable price, or the one who can begin to empower our home as soon as possible. Of course, if there is only one bid for our apartment, then the winner is evident.For more information, check out the video featured on Apartment.Company's Revolutionary Auction System!


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