Children born by the age of 41 are smarter, but also more prone to certain diseases

Children born by the age of 41 are smarter, but also more prone to certain diseases

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Children who spent one week more in the womb than their peers are better at school tests. However, it also comes with a price: Physical disabilities are more common among children born at the age of 41 weeks.

According to a University of Florida researcher, by the age of 41, we are more likely to say they are talented and cognitively proficient. However, it has also been found that physical problems are more common in this condition than in babies born by week 40. According to research published in JAMA Pediatrics better test results for early-born children in their eighth grade: 2.8 percent more likely to be identified by their talented teachers, and 3.1 percent less likely to have cognitive problems. This results in approx. 10 points difference for the benefit of children born at 41 weeks.

Out-of-home children perform better

However, physical problems are 2.1 percent more common in this condition: in the widest range, speech problems and orthopedic problem appearing. There are times when these conditions are so serious that they may require hospitalization. "The abnormalities are poor, but it is worth talking about them again. carries a number of dangers, but overloading can also be extremely dangerous. Jeffrey Roth.Also read these:
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