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A breastfeeding mother ran a record at a British field ultramarathon

A breastfeeding mother ran a record at a British field ultramarathon

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There was a sensational record at a brutal field-ultramarathon for a Scout mother with a young child. He covered the 429 kilometers with 83 hours, 12 minutes and 23 seconds.

A little kid after victory (photo: entered the world press for a stunning record for the 35-year-old Jasmin Paris Scottish mother with a young child: she was the first woman to win at the Spine Race terrain ultramarathon. The runner called the race brutal, which is no wonder, as the riders do two-thirds of the passage in the dark, and they can't carry them, still breastfeeding. She had frozen breast milk before leaving, but she also had to improve during the race to prevent breast inflammation. When she saw the baby in her target, her mother was very admired, and she was very insistent the other day. (fotу: During the race, Paris has slept three times and has had hallucinations the last day. mentioned another interesting thing about the run: this week, he suspended his dissertation, which he must submit by the end of March.


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