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The mother with a large child cuddled herself

The mother with a large child cuddled herself

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A healthy baby was born, and the mother survived after she had undergone self-casting.

A forty-year-old woman with multiple children in Mexico lives in a secluded settlement, without water and electricity, from the nearest hospital for eight hours. The case was reported on the abdomen of the International Brainstorming and Nursing Review. The mother has lost a baby because of the complications of her previous birth. Because it was obvious to this parent that the baby would not be able to get through the natural course, he or she had to intervene.

Alcohol as a miracle weapon

Doctor of Dr. Manuel Velasco Suarez Kуrhбz, dr. Valle said: "The mother drank three bittersweet shortcuts to relieve pain, then lifted her abdomen with the help of a kitchen, and her third attempt was successful. The newborn baby began to breathe immediately."
Before losing his consciousness, he gave birth to one of his children to call a neighborhood doctor. The nurse sewed the wound with the help of a cord and sewing thread, and the mother was transported to the nearest hospital, where dr. Valle and his team continued to support the mother.
"Self-inflicted cupping is an unusual and extraordinary decision for a mother who cannot give birth without help, but does not have access to health care." - says the doctor. He added that a child-friendly ust could encourage a mother to make such a decision, but it would not be necessary if every woman had access to appropriate medical care.
James Walkera professor of obstetrics at St. James University in Leeds, England, said she had heard many old stories about home-made giblets and jeans, where she had to be fatigued. There's no fucking thing in the world today! "There is virtually no place in this country where a person is completely excluded from health care. Even in the most remote areas."


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