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Thanks to the baby-free incubator, Sunshine received a new chance

Thanks to the baby-free incubator, Sunshine received a new chance

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A healthy newborn baby was found in Miskolc at the entrance to the Borsod-Abaye-Zemplin County Central Courtyard and the University Infantry Incubator. The name Sunshine was given to him by the hospital staff.

The incubator indicated Monday evening, and the hospital staff responded immediately: the Children's Health Center staff took care of the child, followed by the Neonatal and Neonatal Pathology Department.Healthy Newborn baby found in baby-free incubator in Miskolc The baby may have been born shortly before its discovery and certainly not under institutional circumstances. Okay, according to the first examinations egйszsйges. At 45 centimeters and 2990 grams, the hospital staff suggested the name "Little Sunshine". The baby-free incubator is also in operation. Before the main entrance of the church was placed in 1998, this little girl was the thirteenth baby to be found here.


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