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Do you have fertilization in the future?

Do you have fertilization in the future?

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Healthier babies, by other interpretations, are said to be genetically altered if they adopt a draft that allows for the three-flask program.

On 27 February, the United Kingdom Department of Health issued an approved draft law for the three-year-old flask program. After the procedure is banned in the United States, the island can be the first place where children can have three biological ascendants. Insufficient functioning of mitochondria, the energy-producing centers of cells, is a rare disease. "Every year, four thousand children are born with this incurable disease," Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a biologist at Oregon Health and Science University, told Reuters. Damage to the mitochondria in the ovum can correspond to diseases such as Parkinson's disease, a type of circulating blindness, or diabetes with dementia.

This will make two egg cells whole

The treatment essence is most easily displayed on the egg. It consists of two parts: one is the nucleus (egg white) and the other is the cytoplasm (egg white). During the procedure, the nucleus of the female ovum of the disease is placed in the cytoplasm of a healthy donor, so that the mother of the baby having a healthy egg can be implanted in another healthy egg. The goal is to replace the broken mitochondria found in the cytoplasm with healthy ones.

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The full genetic status of the unborn child is given to two women and one male, but "the child's eyes, nose, physique are not determined by the donor mother at all times. gave and gave birth to chromosomes, "said dr. Czeizel Endre.

Until the enlightenment

Opponents of the procedure refer mainly to ethical concerns and liken the cloning to cloning. "If the procedure is authorized, genetically modified people will be born," said Marcy Darnovsky, director of the Berkeley Center for Genetics and Society in California, who protests the intervention.
In contrast, Peter Braude, a professor at King's College London, welcomed the change: "Genetic change in health is an important step in human history."
Two days before London, the US Food and Drug Administration renegotiated its resolution on the three-month-old flask program, but it was finally decided that the experiments could not reach the level that people could reach.
"The government is risking too much to legalize a procedure that is still in an experimental phase," notes David King, director of the Human Genetics Alert. "Modifying the human genome is prohibited in all European countries. The law would justify this."
So far, interventions have been successfully applied to monkeys. Although interested in Hungary, it is only possible to legalize the three-parent flask program in the United Kingdom only in May.


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