Is it true, or is it just because you believe it?

Is it true, or is it just because you believe it?

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Since its inception, homeopathy has been at the forefront of serious controversy. Look at the urs, the controls!

Although in Hungary only people who graduate from a medical university can prescribe homeopathic remedies, many countries around the world have a course and a homeopath can choose one. In addition, drug usage patterns also change from country to country.

Is it true, or is it just because you believe it?

In Germany and France, low potency doses are given to patients almost on a pharmacopoeial basis. In India, cure is considered to be more art, and high potency agents are considered effective. In England, the royal family also has a homeopathic doctor. However, in Italy, it has just been stated that the whole system has no scientific basis, and therefore the health insurance there does not cover the costs of these patients. So who do we believe now? We performed the most common reviews and comments.

Homeopathy is of no use because there is nothing physically present in the product itself due to the many beliefs.

And this potential is a meaningless thing. Aspirin won't get any stronger if I write it down before.Tйny: Even homeopaths admit that after 1023 times of religion there is not a single molecule in the drug from the original Serb.
Homeopaths' Choice: The secret lies in quantum theory. Modern physics has revealed that matter is nothing but energy. The nucleus is, in fact, much smaller than we thought it is, because of the energy that surrounds the nucleus. So material currency is much less important than we think today. And homeopathy is just as effective because it stimulates the body's naturally healing energy with the right information. We still can't see it today, but it's not a bug in the method.

It is not possible to take seriously a method that is not supported by accurate medical research.

"Useful for me" or "was good for my neighbor", which the hell is always calling it, is just a tradition, not serious evidence. The experiments that have been carried out so far are not convincing, and if they are repeated, other results will come out. It's just a joke, not a science.Tйny: Indeed, there is no credible and unambiguous, independent medical research result.Homeopaths' Choice: Homeopathy works on completely different principles than traditional medicine, so the two cannot be compared and the same examinations can be performed on it. Traditional drug tests are simple. They take, say, one hundred people with the same disease, give half to them the new drug, not the other half. If the drug is effective, patients in the first group heal faster than those in the second group. But homeopathy is not based on the disease, but on the symptoms. In addition, the cure selects the homeopathic remedy for the patient's health. It plays a role in how personable they are, how they feel, and how their condition improves or worsens. It can be seen by hundreds of people, but it may all be medication. Since no two people are the same, let alone a hundred, it is not possible to test the method in the same way as conventional medicine, because it would have to ignore the essence of homeopathy.

All homeopathy only requires attention.

The patient is convinced that his doctor will not put a prescription in his hands for two minutes, but will speak to him before giving him medication. In addition, almost all homeopaths self-medicate, which makes a lot of money. This humane attention paid to the person is the secret, not the homeopathic remedy.Tйny: A good homeopathic physician actually spends much more time with the patient than an ordinary traditional physician. But many are within the scope of normal home medicine practice, giving such advice for free, effectively.Homeopaths' Choice: Homeopathy also has very good results in treating children and animals. By mere talk, no one has succeeded in alleviating fever or failing to escape. If the personal attention that permeated the space itself had such a healing power, then many people wouldn't have to go to a psychologist for years. It would be a good time - as homeopathic doctors often need.They may also be interested in:
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