Alm Lin Linzer

Alm Lin Linzer

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Shuffle, shuffle, jerk with the kids! Thus, the emphasis will be on the general devastation, not the steady destruction of the piles of corpses. This will be better for everyone: teeth will not be sinned, and there will be room for healthy food.

  • three pieces of big cat apple
  • 5 deca butter or half deci oil
  • цt deca raisin
  • 1 deci orange
  • 10 deca pieces of dill or almond
  • 30 deca wholemeal flour
  • two coffees of roasted powder
  • a spoonful of honeysuckle spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom seeds)
  • an egg

  • Krйmhez:
  • 5 deci oat milk or rice milk
  • so a teaspoon of bass
  • 5 deca butter
  • two tablespoons xylitol or honey
  • the inside of a strip of natural vanilla scratched
  • Let's buy apple liner together!

    Put the raisins at least one or two in the orange juice. Once softened, prepare a homogeneous mass with a bot blender or in a fine powder. They washed the apples completely soft in a 200 degree oven. If you are a little cold, peel off the shell (this can be eaten safely in the middle) and spoon the fat into a larger bowl. Raising the raisin juice.
    Mix the flour, seasoning, minced almonds (or diet) and bacon, then pour this mixture onto the apple. Put butter in the pan or add oil to the pan. They hatch the egg. You work on a smooth massaging of the ingredients and relax in the refrigerator until the cream is ready.
    Here's how to make the cream: First, dip the seeds inside the vanilla into the milk. Finally, throw the vanilla sticks in the milk and start to boil. Immerse the curd in it, boil some thick milk in it.
    Hang out the vanilla rod at the end. When the mass has cooled, whisk together the butter and honey (or xylitol) with an electric whisk. Cool the mass and remove the dough.
    Spread it on floured surfaces up to half an inch thick. Drape it in small round sheets or other popular shapes. You put it in a baking sheet with baking paper and bake it at 160 degrees, evenly blushed. Once cooled, lubricate the blades with the cream, then paste them together. - 3 quick, healthy pasta recipes that your whole family will love - Honey lollipop home made - Chocolate, vanilla casserole