4 Natural Base SkinSmall Care Easy and Effective

4 Natural Base SkinSmall Care Easy and Effective

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You can't believe how wonderful you can do with yourself and your children if you only give it to the skin when and when it is needed.

Shea butter

Particularly in my support group for breastfeeding, the subject of skin in the fall-winter months is the worsening of the skin, eczema. In the summer, drips, chills, cheats, and small-to-large bites appear. And, of course, it is also time-consuming to apply anything on the slightly sensitive or very fast nipple. Then everyone will share their experiences and tips. We test each other's ideas, so you will quickly find out what's in store for almost everyone.
Bбr the cosmetics industry szбmtalan csodakencйt kнnбl the nхknek йs children хssejteset, kollagйneset, fragrance Osato йs hipoallergйnt, цregedйsgбtlуt йs fiatalнtуt the bхrnek valуjбban is szьksйge fхkйnt йs plenty of fresh levegхre, tйlen-nyбron wisely dispensed napsьtйsre elegendх folyadйkra as termйszetes цnszabбlyozу, vйdх mechanisms they make sure they stay healthy.

Why do we have so much trouble with our skin?

Many times, this is not the case today. There are many reasons for this:
  • For example, after birth, diets, baby food and baby soap are routinely removed and this is the first rough end to the skin's natural ability. It is no coincidence that most newborns have fewer lives and dry skin in the first few days. The next blow is the daily repetitive bath, soaking with fragrant baby baths.
  • Unfortunately, our aeration habits are not very skin friendly either. It is characterized by campaign sunbathing and polishing, which puts a heavy strain on the skin, even brown, even white, and increases the risk of the skin. It is much better to apply the seasonal day to the greatest possible surface throughout the year, every day, and for a reasonable amount of time, which can easily adapt to the ever-increasing radiation.
  • We use a great variety of cosmetics, soap, shower gel, shampoo, foam bath, but they have quite a detrimental effect on the skin, and are more expensive than useful. It is worth considering that almost everything is absorbed by the kind we apply to our skin. It is also worth studying the ingredients of cosmetics from this point of view! Antibacterial agents severely diminish the function of the skin itself, and soapy soap interferes with the function of the natural acid mantle.
  • The regular, widespread diet contains a lot of harmful, excess skin-aging ingredients, but it is poor in vitamins and minerals. Try to consume more fresh, raw greens and fruits to refuel your body!

  • The 4 miracles

    This is the kind of wonder box you should keep at home, even in your small house, because they really do everything, they only contain natural and one of the ingredients. Try to buy bio-based and unrefined products, as you can enjoy the original, natural scent of lime.

    Shea butter
    Even in high heat, it is surprisingly solid, hard-to-spread cocoa-scented grease. Take two pounds of hazelnuts in your palms, rub them in quick strokes until they are thawed, then massage into the skin. It is very good for hands, feet, dry skin, mildly inflamed skin, long-term bath, wash and bathing. It is harder, slower to absorb, and after a while the skin remains oily. You can also grease your nipple lightly. It can also be effective in psoriasis and eczema, or may have been supplemented or replaced by medical practitioners.
    Extra virgin couscous oil
    Flavored, refined, odorless, cucumber oil in the bucket is more of a starter. Not surprisingly, cold pressed, refined, wonderful scented couscous oil is significantly more expensive. Rather, it does last for the skin! At room temperature, it is solid, water-cooled in heat, liquid, wonderfully smelling of couscous. They are also reported to have a slightly dry, non-disinfecting, nutritional effect. It soothes the skin after sunbathing, helps maintain moisture, and is absorbed relatively quickly.

    This gйpzsнrszerы, sticky, sбrgбs szнnы, Hungarian-called gyapjъzsнrnak zsiradйk, which was originally a sheep szхrйt vйdi the бtnedvesedйstхl, one legkivбlуbb bхrбpolу times enyhйn inflamed йrzйkeny felьletekre: pйldбul nбthбnбl reddened nose alб, cracked, szбraz lip, popsikiьtйsre, hasmenйstхl felmarуdott's bottom , eczema.
    Most women are suitable for breastfeeding nipple care in cases where the nipple is sensitive, red, slightly faint. It is very good for treating eczema nipple impregnation, that is, it helps to retain moisture, prevents cracking, and helps to heal small wounds. It is always very thin to apply. The skin surface remains a lot oily, sticky afterwards. It is also available in pharmacies or you can choose to buy branded products.

    You can get it in unrefined form in the webshop given in sheava or in more refined versions. Refined products are smoother, virtually odorless. The main advantage of unrefined products is the preservation of the natural vitamin content and the characteristic fragrance, but its palatability is slightly granular and surprisingly solid.
    Before waking up, like shea butter, it's a good idea to warm up your peanuts with a quick pick-up of your two palms. Most of the areas given in the sheave are worth using, lips are especially fond of.
    Even though you can do just about anything with this bread, you can make blends, all of them as great ingredients. You can find recipes, tips, ideas here.


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