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If the baby does not come

If the baby does not come

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We can't even imagine how many pairs and lies with the winner's request why they wouldn't grab their baby's blood. Beyond the organ blockages, things that seem small in our daily lives can make it difficult to become pregnant.

Stressful life

We may already be hanging on the wall just by the mere mention, but do you have to ask how stressful our lives are? THE stress one of the biggest wheelsets in fertility. Low sperm count and endometriosis can also be seen on your mouth. Among other things, stressful work pace, a lot of anxiety, a lack of disengagement and a cramped lifestyle all lead to stress. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of true shutdown, which is the calming of our bodies and souls in the form of yoga, relaxation or other forms, seek the help of a group or specialist who will teach you how to leave the busy world outside.

Lots of affection and good timing

It often turns out that baby-loving couples, by their own admission, have a lot of love, and miss the proper timing. The average menstrual cycle for women is twenty-eight days, and the key is the time of ovulation.The ovulation of women can occur at any time between the seventh and the twenty-fourth days, but generally falls between the thirteenth and fifteenth days. Women are able to conceive for up to two days a month, so if you are with your partner every other day between the seventh and the twenty-fourth, you increase your chance of conception. The first day of the menstrual cycle is counted as the first day of the menstrual cycle.

Proper timing of being together is also important for getting pregnant

It's sex

It is not enough to focus only on quantity and timing, minхsйg at least as important. Not only from a spiritual, emotional side, but from a fertility point of view, it is important for the couple's female member to go through orgasm as well. During the moments of orgasm, the sperm forms a protective and supportive environment in the vagina. Muscle contractions of the vagina help to transfer sperm into the uterus. During orgasm, hormones are released that facilitate conception.

Regular medical check-ups

Generally, it is a mistake to believe that once you and your partner have been tested and all physical parameters have been found to be correct, this will continue to be the case today and in the future. If the baby is difficult to come by, we should go to our baby at least once to have a physical and hormone test, and to have a sperm test periodically. Lifestyle, diet, stress and many other things can affect our ability to conceive, so having a good time checked by a specialist is a good idea.

Elegant sleep

We may be doing enough, eating healthy, staying together many times, but if we do not sleep enough, childbirth may be delayed. Usually, the couple who have shifts is the problem with inadequate sleep. Let's make sure it's there eight hours of sleep a day, which should possibly start before the new.

Cube and bomb shape

Perhaps one of the cornerstones of our life is gymnastics and pride in our exhausted body, or our overweight mindset, as many training and gymnastics do not have the same effect on productivity as we do. When you get back into exercise, your body produces a large amount of adrenaline, which can cause a lot of problems from the break of the menstrual cycle to chronic exhaustion. If we test our body, we work against getting pregnant.

You are what you eat

Sounds like a misnomer, but if you want a baby this sentence is powerfully true. If you are eating fast food lunches or running so much in the sun that we don't have time to eat just a few snacks instead of lunch, don't be surprised if your body can't prepare for carrying a baby. Due to inadequate food, a vitamins, materials in sufficient quantities. If you want to eat healthy, it is important to reduce your intake of sugar, yeast, alcohol and, if possible, to replace wholemeal wheat instead of wholemeal. THE dohбnyzбs can also reduce the cost and burden our body.


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