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Let's go to the caliber!

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A Singaporean research group came up with a thought-provoking result: the calorific content of each dish on the tab does not influence the consumption habits of the brothers.

Let's go to the caliber!

In one province of Singapore, a provision was made in 2009 that requires restaurant chains to display calorific values ​​of their products on the menus. Few markets have joined the call. 13 months after the decree came into effect, we found that the same foods as the ones where we left the food were sold at the places where they did so. Barack Obama In the context of its Health Reform, it has proposed similar regulations (which, from 2011, are mandatory in every US restaurant to display the dietary content of the bars).
"The results show that Unless there is any other kind of enlightenment on the mere indication of calorifics, the whole procedure will be ineffective in the fight against obesity"- said the head of the research, Eric Finkelstein.
The opinion of experts is inconsistent, and they tend to move towards a healthy diet if one can read the calorific value of the teeth on the restaurant's tabs. In themselves, these numbers do not mean much: for everyone to know that an adult would have to be around. how much calories you would need per day. In the absence of this knowledge, it is not possible to make a conscious effort to choose healthy catches.
Another problem for skeptics is that there is not a daily surplus of people in the dining room, so they may be less interested in choosing healthier treats at exceptional times. According to them, health-conscious campaigns would require more complex campaigns, more comprehensive regulation, extensive information and incentives.
What does this mean for us as a baby? Do we give up the chocolate just because it is written as a cube of 280 calories? On its own, there is probably very little about displaying the energy content alone, but if you compare it to something else, you may think for a moment. It sounds different, however, when it turns out that the energy of that particular cube chocolate is the same as a beautiful, smiling apple filled with vitamins and antioxidants.
The study summarizing the exam is American Journal for Preventive Medicine cнmы.
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