Instruction: from the flour to the treasure chest

Instruction: from the flour to the treasure chest

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Concentrate on the positives, highlight the things you could say, increase your child's confidence, talk to them a lot. Here are a few tricks you can use to ease the process of getting used to it.

Instruction: from the flour to the treasure chestThe first period can be harder to pass in the new environment, and later to stay motivated can be difficult. Here are three tips for handling them Szilvia Licsбr pedagуgus.

Yeast flour - a "fine" tool for motivation and knowledge development

It is important for us not only to emphasize our dislike for bad behavior, but also to commemorate and celebrate occasions when our children are good at something. In addition to the external reinforcements we've heard, it's important that you understand what you're doing well. The "good flour" gives you a great practice opportunity for your evaluation exercise. Choose your favorite meal and see how much flour you need to prepare it. We divide that amount into the number of days we plan the game, the flour collection. In the evening or at dinner, we ask them to tell us how they spend the day. Here you can list anything you think you did well. For example, she set me up in the kitchen, helped her baby lesson, applied for a new specialist, comforted her friend at the door. That is, if you do so this evening, you can pour that amount of "good flour" into the collection end of the day. Once the required amount is pooled, we can prepare the event and even share it with our kindergarten and school friends. in the framework of a meeting in Delhi.

Wooden Treasure Chests - If Difficult to Take in Kindergarten

Getting used to kindergarten, the new environment, newborns, and getting to know little friends makes children excited, and many of them, for the first time, lose a parent that is difficult to bear. As a relief, it's not a panacea, but it can be a very powerful tool in the treasure trove, which can be used in many ways. One possibility is that a kind of connecting staple carries some trivia out of the house, and sometimes you can find it if you really miss it. We can also use it at home to hide trivia - like colored pencils, radar, ovis signs, stickers, a movie ticket for a cartoon - you can find when you get home. Over time, we can give him the trigger, and he can hide the drawings, drawings, and a special pebble in the box inside the box ... a lot inside. Let's try to fill his back!

Message in pen case / ashtray

It can be fun for our toddler children, but it can also make them smarter if we send them messages in the pen case or in the snack box. A "Today I packed your favorite", "We're going to ice cream / to the toy" etc. The message is pleasantly surprising, makes you spend your time, and helps you to wear backhoes more easily. Confidential, shrewd or funny messages will be shaken sooner, so a harder thesis may come with a "Let's go!" or "Don't worry, you'll succeed!" notes, while the time until the rest of the day is waiting can be indicated by a "Only 20 days until the autumn break" table.

We can also make this period more difficult

Many start mothers are more likely to bear mothers than children. Children will be careful when we are concerned about how they will fit into the school, but they will also think if the school or group room is not sympathetic to us. Even at school, it is important to talk about what is generally expressed about education, schooling, school, teacher in a family circle. And will focus on mistakes. So with all the help we have, we want to do the best we can for our child, but unfortunately, we can have the opposite effect. Instead, let's focus on the positives, highlight the things we can miss, and the things that make our children spend the majority of their days there in the years to come.
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