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What can a child see in the future?

What can a child see in the future?

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In the past, it was generally seen that the time spent on the monitor was time for the development of children.

Pay attention to what your child sees

Although today pediatricians are not suggesting that television and computer are the ideal babysitters, many people believe that capacity building programs they have a good impact on even the smallest ones. "On a daily basis, we are in the media: staying in touch with our loved ones and, in the case of television, getting the information. Dr. Sara Lee, a member of the University of Cleveland's Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. The expert says it's important that parents do not block children from the media, but teach them how efficient, healthy way to gather information, learn and entertain different formats help.Lee says children 18 months or younger should not be in front of the machine at all, unless they are in a video chat with relatives. 18- and 24-month-olds have been recommended for capacity building and online applications. For children between 2 and 5 years, a maximum of one hour of screen time per day is recommended, while for children over 6 years old, it is important that the parent is constantly monitoring they know.Related Articles:
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