Should I be a female or male doctor?

Should I be a female or male doctor?

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Kriszta talks about why she insists on having her doctor, and Orsi talks about why she chooses a man.

Should I be a female or male doctor?

The woman knows what I feel

We have three babies, I was very beautiful babies. In any case, I wanted a female baby girl. I believe that a man's feminine cure can only be a distant idea of ​​what birth is - a male physician is not capable of full devotion, and of course, he has no experience, because he has no experience. In my opinion, you are not able to change your state of mind, even if you are hysterical. This can be scary for a man. In my opinion, it is just easier to do interventions, put the woman on the bed, because it is much easier to control the situation. Perhaps the man is more prone to "push and push the kid" and, of course, to a cut, anyway. Among others, I chose this woman because I hoped to take care of the pain because she knows how much suffering this area can cause if she does not heal well. This is a bit difficult to explain, but the point is that I would have found the examinations and the baby in a male middleman or even in the presence. I just wanted to know women around me who understood, so only the doctor was with me and my voice.
(Kriszta, 33, director)

We are a man of wonder and care

When I was expecting my first child, like all pregnant women, I was also striving to create the best and safest conditions for my baby during pregnancy and birth. For a mother, the health of her baby is the most important thing in the world - so she needs a specialist first. Medical expertise can be equally high for a man and a woman for maternal pregnancy. I was looking for a doctor who would listen to me if I needed psychological support, and it would stop me when I was anxious. A male parent can do all this better, because men have great abilities: they look at women with admiration, and this is the most beautiful state of women. By doing this, they can give such understanding, compassion, support to pregnant women and newborns that a female doctor can hardly get. The doctor, who is probably born by herself, takes all her physical and psychological status as a natural patient, and with her excellent expertise, she cannot say that she is as wonderful as a woman can be. that wraps the buttery mother. I think this property can still be valuable for a smooth, uncomplicated parent, but it can put the family at risk if something goes wrong. The male was more determined, quicker, and able to exert his senses when it came to saving his life. It is this consciousness that gives me security.
(Orsi, 30, event organizer)
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