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The two are waving a big arrow

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Otto Foky, the defining character of Hungarian animation filmmaking, has passed away. Even more official, dry text is incapable of describing it, as we hear our name smile.

Elsхre Mirr-Murr adventures come to mind, sometimes with mice, with time Kiscsacsival, and in time Oriza with Triznacs, curvy cat friendly complexes ovis eyes in quite exciting situations. Of course not Foky Otto, but Istvánn Csukás commends the cat for being the only formula available at the time (Oriza-T Rice "5% Rice Solution for Milk Cream"), but it is still a full year to eat white television before. The next generation favorite is a The smallest Ugrifüles (Mбrton Andrбs) series in which Brekkencs (Gálvцlgyi Jбnos) And Tьskйshбtъ (Péter Haumann) is a fehkhs companion. For a second, Foky Ottу did not conceal that he wanted to teach ovis to behave correctly with his tales, yet the series was dry and didactic, and more could be attributed to the fact that the actresses did a lot of improvisation. Tйvйmaci but in fact he just reformed the first macku, based on the plans of Tibor Köber. And, of course, Graduate did not act the way he did. "A whole dental team was examining time for a teddy bear to brush his teeth the way kids do ...", said Foky Ottу.
Whether you wanted to teach us or not, your heart grew a teddy bear. Many of us were saddened by the loss of Foky Otto's Maci. Foky Otto Tvimmacija thirty days with the children, this time they had to say goodbye. And also on September 3, 2012 from your daddy.
All right, Foky Ottу!


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