Launch a Virtual Specialist on World Word Day at HazziPatika.com!

Launch a Virtual Specialist on World Word Day at HazziPatika.com!

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Ask about your health on World Word Day!

The World Health Organization has been holding World Word Day on every last Sunday in September, which is a great opportunity for HomePatika.com to start a virtual shop in the world, where professionals can start. Our two experts, dr. András Nagy Nagy, Cardiologist, Head of Department of the Municipal Government of Bcs-Kiskun County, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hungarian National Whaling Board, Executive Member of the European National Library; and dr. Soуs Pбl, the University of Heidelberg kardiolуgusa йs the kardiologia.hu szerkesztхje vбrja the йrdeklхdхk kйrdйseit.A Hungarian fejlesztйsы VisuLand.com you have already bizonyнtotta egyedisйgйt йs hasznбlhatуsбgбt oktatбsi kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt, and now the meghнvott HбziPatika.com posts by these people kardiolуgus szakйrtхktхl kйrdezhetьnk йlхben йn 16-September 29 And 18 of them. You can access the specialist shop at this link (Microsoft Windows operating system). A short video of the entrance:

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