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2 teeth when your baby is pounding

2 teeth when your baby is pounding

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Curious and initiating, they love their stomachs, eat anything, and never get old. But what if the hips are just growing. There are a few tips for this too!

What is worth giving the baby?

Really too dozen?

Breastfeeding or breastfeeding exclusively from breast milk babies is natural and healthy bйbihбj. It is not possible to feed children with breast milk. It is often observed that a baby weighs twice as much as twice a month, weighing up to ten kilos, and is close to the average weight range by one and two years. Breastfeeding babies do not need to, but should not be exposed to weight. However, when introducing solid foods, pay attention to a few important aspects!


- Keep eating-related behavior at bay: not reward, boring, distracting, but just what is: eating hunger.
- Reduce excess fat in food as much as possible.
- Don't sugarize anything or give your little ones sugary foods, sweets, desserts.
- Keep your daily food intake, but the Tuscany and the Snack should be raw fruit or greens or a mixture of the two.
- Feed more often with light but fluffy leaves.
- Try to offer high-fiber foods.

Broccoli with apple

Contributing to multiple rations of baby food (freezer storage):
50 deca broccoli,
three beautiful, sour apples,
a tablespoon of good quality oil,
two tablespoons oatmeal Put the apples in the oven and cook in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Wash the broccoli thoroughly, add it to rye, and then stir in a little water. Once soft, press with a fork and cook with the oatmeal, stirring constantly, until thickened. Then cut the soft-baked apples out of the kernel and spoon the apples into the broccoli. If necessary, wash better with a botmixer. You can give it at 7 months.

Cool omelet

Contributions to the portion of two adults and one child:
25 deca lean, kind, creamy star craft,
two eggs,
a tablespoon of whole grain flour,
butter or couscous to cure over flames,
a smaller fire glass to dischargeChoose the white from the yolk and beat some foam from the former. Stir the yolk into the pan, roast slightly, stir in the flour, then gently roll in the whipped cream. Sprinkle the hot tea with butter or cake, sprinkle with the remaining flour. Pour into the mass and bake at 180 degrees until beautiful golden brown on top. Wait until it cools slightly, then cover with a flat pan.Vбltozatok: you can do the same with grated fruit, if it is very juicy, add two teaspoons of oatmeal to 10-12 months of age.They may also be interested in:
- 2 teeth when baby is thin
- Make sure you eat the greens
- Green on the table!
- Eat healthy!