The cost of sugar is more than you thinkThe harmful effects of sugar on health

The cost of sugar is more than you thinkThe harmful effects of sugar on health

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It is easy to lose in the current range of products, you may think: it is less convenient to make food and drink for some children. This is not necessarily so.

Sugar cost more than you thinkLet's see what's on offer for a business that sells organic products:
  • bio-sugar
  • xillit
  • bio cucumber sugar
  • date sugar
  • extra glucose
  • organic molasses syrup
Instead of staggering on each of these, please note: none with better men than the other. Even though some products intended for sweetening contain a little more iron / calcium / etc., it is hard to imagine that your child's vitamin, mineral, trace element supplement will be filled with sugars. Not to mention that some of these would not even occur.For children, refrain from the regular use of sweeteners and sugar candies! The mono-, disaccharides йs tekinthetjьk include "sugar", the kцzйjьk fruktуz, glьkуz, szacharуz, galaktуz, laktуz.2017 in the Eurуpai Children gasztroenterolуgiai, Hepatolуgiai йs Tбplбlkozбstudomбnyi Tбrsasбg Tбplбlkozбstudomбnyi Bizottsбga (ESPGHAN) бllбsfoglalбsa issued by egйszen the exact ajбnlбsokat cukorfogyasztбsra infants, children and adolescents.This literature refers to the WHO wording, which is what we call "free sugars": The mono / disaccharide added to the food / beverage by the manufacturer / cooker / consumer, furthermore the minimum amount of sugars naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates. These are consumed.
  • For 2- 18 year olds: 5 Energy% per day (<5E%)
  • Under 2 yrs: lower, probably under it

What does this mean in practice?

SUGAR: 1 teaspoonful = 4 g1. 5% of the daily energy requirement of a 3 year old baby can contain up to 13 g of free sugar. This is less than 3 teaspoons of sugar. It is present in 170 ml of fruit barrel (fruit barrel = 25-50% fruit).
What can we do?
  • add sugar / sugar syrup / fruit-based smoothies / substitute sweetened milk to water and sweetened dairy to non-sweet milk /
  • Sugar is naturally present in fruits (fresh / frozen / dried), milk, dairy products, breast milk, formula, some cereals, and greens. They are consumed as part of a balanced diet during childhood.

What happens if our child consumes too much sugar?

  • obsession, overwork,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • tooth decay,
  • the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases.
You see, this amount is very easy to shake, plus a fruity smoothie a day. And while we haven't talked about child graphics, but with little fruit added, sugary drinks, daily events, sweets. To many, this may seem like a bad situation, but unfortunately. According to the data our children consume the maximum recommended amount of four-puncture, putting your health at risk, increasing the risk of developing more serious illness. Or maybe we're gonna drive them in?
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