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Are the kids less eager for school because of the father?

Are the kids less eager for school because of the father?

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It is conceivable that there is one of the main reasons why children cannot go to first grade in the living room: this is television.

Are the kids less eager for school because of the father?

According to a recent study, children who see far too many children are considered less mature than their peers by school. "More research confirms that children are overly they see more of the father, and the situation is similar to a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone. It looks like the educators are spending more time on the screen than ever before, "says lead researchers Andrew Ribnerof New York University. A specialist in applied psychology and a team of over 800 students: Cognitive, Memory, Social and Emotional Skills, and Mathematical Skills. the children who have seen more than a few sick parents daily they had worse abilities than their peers. This correlation was high among children from low-income families. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not explain why poor children have many problems with their lives. According to experts, it would be important for children between the ages of 2 and 5 to spend less than one urn less time each day.
- Can cause distraction due to fire
- Children are one of the oldest in the world at the age of one


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