Can analgesics during pregnancy cause fertility problems in men?

Can analgesics during pregnancy cause fertility problems in men?

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Is it possible that the mild painkillers taken by her mother during pregnancy are related to the fertility problems of men?

Does pain relief during pregnancy affect the father?

The request is raised by the authors of a study who suggest that non-specific painkillers are more likely to risk fertility problems in older agesuch as hormone dysfunctional compounds and plastics, which until now have been considered as the main culprits.
The researchers examined data from 834 dan and 1463 Finnish women who were asked to ask about their health status and herbal habits during pregnancy. In the Finnish group, there was nothing statistically significant, but in the Danish group, two striking phenomena were observed. that their son is born with an unborn herd. The ъn. latent nervousness and risk factor for one of the variants of the testes.
And for women who take any third of their pain during their third trimester, the risk of having a baby with an unborn testis has more than doubled.
"It is not entirely clear why the Finnish group did not show the same correlations as the Danish subjects", Henrik Leffers, a researcher at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. "However, the use of mild painkillers was only checked with queries, not telephone interviews, in the Finnish group, and in the Danish group, telephone interviews provided the most reliable information that could explain the differences."
The incidence of latency in Denmark is approximately twice as high as in Finland. The incidence increased to almost double that between 1960 and 2001.
"The value of this difference is far too large to be explained by accidental fluctuation or differences in research," a study published in the journal Human Reproduction. "In addition, the results are consistent with the deterioration in male reproductive health over the last few decades."
French scientists who continued the research also conducted an experiment on laboratory rats. Exposure to paracetamol has been shown to reduce testosterone levels in the uterus and to reduce post-mortem and reproductive deficits, which may be a key indicator of adulthood.
Leffers stressed that further research would be needed. He added, however, that evidence suggests that pain-relieving hormone-disrupting substances make the fetus more potent and other environmental sources of these hormone-depleting compounds.
"A single 500 mg paracetamol tablet during pregnancy has a greater hormonal disruption effect than the 10 most common environmental hormone disruptors."A single tablet for women in the upper body is actually at least twice as effective as substances that break the known hormone system, and it occurs in just one day, not distributed over nine months."
The research advises women to limit the use of painkillers as much as possible during pregnancy and to seek advice from their physician.
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