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4 things that can cause exaggerated drooling in children

4 things that can cause exaggerated drooling in children

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Most often it can be caused by dental disease, but it can also be caused by certain illnesses that require treatment with speech therapy or even surgery. These were also discussed by dr. Holpert Valeria Füll-nasal spray, phonizer, physician at the Füll-nose spray center.

Teeth can also cause excessive drooling

Catching on time

Increased salivary growth can be considered completely normal if it occurs during infancy in infants and young children. In such cases, the production of sundresses may be of such a magnitude that the child's clothes and tops need to be changed several times a day, so it is advisable to put on a necktie in the sun during this period. There is nothing more to do than wait until the teeth become out of line, and the increased gutter stops.

It may also be a symptom of inflammation of the rhinitis

If the child is flabby, head throat, and apparently impenetrable, small blisters or aphids appear in the mouth, then there is a high degree of inflammation of the epidermis. In addition to hyperplasia, it is characterized by swelling of the neck lymph nodes and unpleasant mouth odor. Since it is caused by a virus, it is most important in the case of inflammation of the rhinocerosum to alleviate the symptoms: fever with pain in the fever, brush with local anesthetic, continuous watering, peeling.

Poor oral and facial muscles

In the background of childhood seizures, the mouth may have weakness or underdevelopment of the facial muscles. In this case, the little ones cannot properly control the tongue, which is just a seemingly simple process, which actually requires 25 different muscles to coordinate. Since this can also cause traffic in speech, it is therefore advisable to ask a speech therapist for muscle strengthening. You can do this with targeted, playful tasks, such as heartbeat, bubbleweed, or special help.

Mouth swelling: may also be caused by enlarged nasal tonsils

Nasal congestion can also cause increased nail growth in young children. In this case, the child does not breathe properly in his / her nose, so he / she sleeps with his / her mouth open at night, he / she can snore, and during the day he / she travels with his / her mouth open. If you experience this, you should definitely consult a physician, as prolonged orifice can cause abnormalities in the jaw and tooth development.Source: Füll-nasal tip center.Related articles in the topic:
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