Smoking, drinking

Smoking, drinking

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It's best not to get used to something that our younger children and ourselves have to give up. The well-known effects of smoking, alcohol, drugs, immaculate coffee do not need to be detailed.

However, many are unaware that these agents affect fertility and fetal development. Let's start with alcohol. A glass of fine wine can also make a difference before making love: it improves your mood, reduces your inhibitions, and gives your senses a free ride.

It's best not to get used to something that our younger children and ourselves have to give up.

However, regular alcohol consumption significantly reduces sexual desire and in any case diminishes the relationship. Consuming large amounts of alcohol increases the genetic variability of the germ cells, thus increasing the number of abortions, premature births, and developmental abnormalities.
The child of an alcoholic mother comes with a small weight, with a characteristic facial arrangement, and her physical and emotional development lags far behind her health. Sexually interested people often disappear completely from the lives of drug addicts. When pregnancy occurs, the baby is born addicted to the drug, so he has to deal with cruelly distressing withdrawal symptoms as soon as he / she has taken the uterine cord and is independent.
The effect of smoking is not as effective, but it lasts longer! Women who smoke have a harder time grasping and are more likely to have a baby early in life or with little weight. In addition, smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the likelihood of the child becoming less allergic.