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Exceptional water quality in the Hungarian open water baths

Exceptional water quality in the Hungarian open water baths

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A unique certification of the Hungarian open water baths has been completed. The majority of the bathing areas of Lake Balaton have been selected as excellent.

Exceptional water quality in the Hungarian open water baths

The home most of the open-air baths have been selected as outstanding based on the European Union translation system. Beaches in the lakes and rivers of our country have less than a hundred problems with water quality. In most cases, the natural waters of Hungary are classified as "good" or "excellent". Exceptional variety of bathing areas at Lake Balaton, including the Fertõ and the Baths of Hévíz. Free water bathing waters are based on unique guidelines. thus the results of bacteriological examination is based on a statistical evaluation of the risk, which takes into account not only a sample or test result, but also variations in water quality and any other health risks that may exist. According to this classification, an open water bathing site can be selected as excellent, clean, and certified. The list can be found on the website of the National Environment Institute. Prior to opening, all beaches are inspected by the Naval Health Departments. In an open-water bath, it is usually tested several times during the season, prior to opening, and once a month during the summer, by accredited laboratories contracted by the operator. visually on sitewhether there is lumps and / or dirt on the surface of the water, oil spills, or whether there is intense fouling. They also pay attention to water rafting on the lakes, which means the proliferation of bacteria that produce allergens, called blue algae in the common language. Signs of this are water discoloration, clouding, and possibly foaming. The removed vнzmintбkban kйt bakteriбlis paramйter jelenlйtйt vizsgбljбk that the йs ebbхl adуdу egйszsйgkockбzatra utalhatnak.Az Orszбgos Kцzegйszsйgьgyi Kцzpont цsszesнtйse alapjбn the orszбgos helyzetkйp also continues to improve alapvetхen pozitнv the fьrdхhelyek vнzminхsйge orszбgos бtlagban szennyvнz eredetы szennyezхdйsre. More than 96% of the 205 rated beaches are classified as "excellent" or "good", with only one being certified and 6 certified (mostly Tisza beaches). Bathing in unassigned bathing areas is not recommended as the quality of water is not controlled in these areas and hygienic conditions for bathing are not met. BNTSZ also draws attention to the risk of sudden changes in water level and the risk of stranding in natural bathing areas, especially in rivers. Avoid sudden water jumps with a heated body. Parents should never leave their children unattended!
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