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Salmonella could be marketed in white chocolate

Salmonella could be marketed in white chocolate

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A case of white chocolate made in Poland, contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, may have been commercialized in Hungary, the German Food Chain Safety Authority (Nibih) has reported the case to Germany.

Salmonella could be marketed in white chocolateAccording to information from the European Commission's Rapid Alert System (RASFF), Rossmann's stores in Hungary may have been transferred to contaminated products. Nebi has contacted the Hungarian distributor, tracking of shipments is in progress - has been released.The name of the product is "Das Exquisite Heidelbeere Weisse Schokolade", 100 grams, order number GTIN 4305615367347.Nebih asks its customers to consult a doctor if they have consumed the chocolate in the recall, or if they detect symptoms of salmonella within a few days. Anyone who has the product above should not consume it for the sake of protecting their health.Related articles about salmonella:
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