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Antiphospholipid syndrome: This can also prevent pregnancy

Antiphospholipid syndrome: This can also prevent pregnancy

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There is an antiphospholipid syndrome called autoimmune disease, which can make it more difficult to become pregnant or increase the risk of miscarriage, preeclampsia and premature pregnancy. What do you need to know about this course?

Antiphospholipid syndrome: This can also prevent pregnancy

Antiphospholipid syndrome is one such autoimmune disease, which is characterized by anti-phospholipid antibodies resulting in subsequent venous or arterial thrombosis or habituation abortion.Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessyhowever, the chief thrombosis center hematologist says a full life of value can be achieved with the syndrome, besides the supervision it is possible to have a child.

Increased coagulation

The process vйralvadбs a vйralvadбsi kaszkбd nevы system keresztьl go vйgbe that sorбn vнzesйsszerыen process lйvх materials egymбst aktivizбljбk, mнg is formed in vйrzйst elбllнtу fibrinhбlу.Antifoszfolipid szindrуma (Hughes szindrуma) fennбllбsakor fokozуdik the kaszkбd mыkцdйse, нgy the alvadбs because of antiphospholipid antibodies exaggerated dimensions, and the formation of vertebrae both on the vein (deep thrombosis, abortion) and on the articular side (heart attack, stroke, TIA). Unfortunately, the problem remains undetected for a long time, although a quick diagnosis can prevent potential - even life-threatening - events.

It can also lead to pregnancy complications

Antiphospholipid szindrуma the mйlyvйnбs trombуzison йs the szнvinfarktuson / stroke kнvьl the vбrandуssбg sorбn can cause fetal elhalбsбhoz, vetйlйshez, preeclampsiбhoz and koraszьlйshez, bбr it is not uncommon that you have already бllapot because of the teherbeesйs itself elхfordult nehezнtett.Ha you have already autoimmune csalбdjбban disease, thrombosis, embryo, possibly infertility problems, serial abortion, so it is worth not only to test for hereditary thrombophilia, but also to test for it. This is also important because it is a possible secondary form of the condition when it is linked to another illness (eg systemic lupus) that needs to be addressed at some level, says dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, chief physician at the Thrombosis Center for Hematology.

By clotting, you can have a healthy baby

However, you are aware that despite the presence of an antiphospholipid syndrome, you may still be able to carry a perfectly healthy child - but this requires increased attention and medication. These may be low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) or platelet inhibiting drugs, which may be prescribed by the attending physician. It is also important to be aware that pregnancy and the baby itself increase the risk of thrombosis so that the syndrome is not present, it is important to pay attention to, especially if you are suffering from venous dysfunction and varicose veins.
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