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Delicious, healthy and beautiful

Delicious, healthy and beautiful

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High in vitamin C, lean and delicious: who doesn't want strawberries?

Strawberries are not only delicious but also very healthy

Many people wouldn't think, but strawberries, this red, sweet fruit, are not only easy on our nipple buds, but they also have a number of fantastic physiological effects. One of its best qualities is undoubtedly that it can be enjoyed without a remorse, as the more you consume, the leaner it becomes. It's in it mangбn because it promotes the production of enzymes responsible for the clearance of thyroid hormones, kбlium йs asparagine If you are thinking of a natural source of vitamin C, it is usually orange or lemon that comes to your mind, although this vitamin contains 50 mg of vitamin C, To help keep blood fluid, a bioaspirin its content reduces inflammation and pain, and also helps fight headaches and migraine. The vitamin C content also strengthens hair follicles and the cell wall. And if this is not enough, it helps prevent skin loss kollagйn The strawberry potassium and magnesium are also free from vitamin E and vitamin C lowers cholesterol and excessively high blood pressure, prevents thrombosis and blood vessels, such as infarction. Zinc and vitamin C in the powder help the immune system fight off viruses and bacteria. Zinc is not elhanyagolandу you have already azйrt because this immunrendszerьnk one alappillйre, nйlkьlцzhetetlen body szбmбra, kцzvetlenьl between the kьlцnfйle immune cells in rйszt йs aktнvan baby termйszetes vйdekezхkйpessйgйnek megfelelх fejlхdйsйben.Az strawberries iron segнti the vйr oxigйn szбllнtбsбt, the content of folic acid segнti the vйrkйpzхdйst, and also the hormones of happiness.

One for the mom, one for the baby

As a result, professionals recommend that you should not give your baby earlier than 10-11 months of age, and small seeds that are difficult to clean (like blueberries). Strawberries, on the other hand, can also cause the release of histamine, so if possible, wait for it before you give your baby a try, and be careful the first time! Here's a heavenly, easy-to-make ricotta strawberry dessert!They may also be interested in:
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