Two family friendly festivals

Two family friendly festivals

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In Hungary, the festival season begins in early June, rains all summer and peaks in August. Now we are offering two places where you can brag about the little ones with your little ones.


The oldest in the genre is naturally Kapolcs. The festival has already started, but fortunately it continues until the fifth of August. If you are vacationing on the shore of Lake Balaton, at this time of day, you may not have a beach or just drop off when April wakes up. Well, let's go for a ride in the Balaton Uplands and visit the program venues in Kapolcs!
Idхpont: July 27 - August 5, 2012
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Realistic Festival

Baranya County just started to get involved in the festival. After the really successful Zsolnay Festival, Fishing On Orfы is celebrated for the first time this summer, and now the newest festival, the Untouched Festival, is being held in Pskonyň, Kishnarsn. Even during the day, there are plenty of kids' programs waiting for hippy toddlers, if we find someone who can take care of the little ones in the evening, we won't be bored! There will be Kolompos Concert, Judit Halabsz Concert, Crafts, Nursery, and more, we can also learn how to play! This year's housewife of the festival is Bori Rutkai, who is the most generous of all, combining adult programs for children, as they are unique in each category.
Idхpont: August 1-5, 2012
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