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Do you eat before your father? You can have a dumbest kid!

Do you eat before your father? You can have a dumbest kid!

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It may be surprising at first, but an eating woman's eating habits may influence the future weight of her future child.

Professionals have found that if a woman is having a baby, regularly before the fatherwill most likely feed or breast-feed her when she is born. And a child who, from birth, is used to having to go to death in the morning, he takes this habit, that is, they will be alive before the screen, and therefore exposed to the risk of obsolescence. According to Mary Jo Messito of the New York University School of Medicine, the main problem with nursing mothers before they leave their baby is that they often do not look at their baby's signs, so it's easy to tъletetйs they are trapped. Earlier research has shown that those in school and school who regularly they eat it in their teens, they generally consume poorer quality foods, are less likely to eat when they've been eating, and generally have more calories.

Do you eat before your father? You can have a bigger baby!

In the course of the examination - the results of which the American Pediatrics Academy held in Vancouver during its annual meeting - how often did Messito and his work be child before the screen. Overall, children evaluated subjects up to three years old who reported having eaten during pregnancy and one-third of whom reported having he also looked at the father while feeding. The latter was particularly characteristic of those under 25 and those who did not exclusively breastfeed.
Dr. Dimitri Christakis, a professor of pediatric nursing at Washington University, was not surprised by the results of the examination, because, as he explained, the more deaths a person is, and the combination of fire has a well-known health effect on humans.


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