My baby was called Csabi, too

My baby was called Csabi, too

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Masquerade, Cheetah and Chabiferike. And this is just the beginning… María recounts her naming story.

Will you be a little boy or a girl? How are you going to call it? We were asked these questions many times by friends and acquaintances after we learned that baby. We couldn't answer the first request: I didn't because I really didn't know, and my brother respected my request that I didn't want to know the gender of the child, and if I knew more, somebody would be hiding. It was given then that we had to think in terms of boys and girls.
Like first names - everyone would think. But our guidebook was ahead of us! No, we didn't because we couldn't decide if it was the baby to be born father's surname but because it was incorrectly entered in our marriage certificate. This trifle didn't interest us for about three years, but when it came to a reasonable approximation that they would be called Geentz instead of Geentz because of an administrative error, you could We need to climb. On a nice warm summer day, when we were in business anyway, we went to the registry office and asked him to correct the mistake. The bug was corrected immediately, and we were now looking for the first name of Göcze. I didn't really think in boys, I didn't have any favorites, just a short list of bans. And I was very determined by the names: for generations, everyone in our family I like this name! And in the world today, it is already very special. My other big favorite was Emma. There were several reasons for this: I called my grandfather's favorite sibling, and since then my little one is Jane Austen Emma, ​​one of my favorite novels. Emma Mabria. Very nice, my husband and I were happy with our decision, everyone liked it. Simple but nice names that fit quite a bit with sophisticated nicknames.
Yeah, but what if it's a little boy? In Csaba we can easily agree. Lovely, classic Hungarian name and also called my brother. And it was just icing on the cake that a little blue kicking, squirting baby had fallen off the top of the wardrobe during my childhood-related arrangements, my only old baby doll that I had grown to love. I also wanted a second first name, but my husband was of the opinion that a man had a name long enough. So he went into the design. We were sure that if there was a second name, it would not be influenced by fashion trends: nothing extremist, no foreign sounding name, nothing complicated. They were alapfeltйtelek, and we also agreed to give our kid a classic name. We started to enforce the names of our fellow princesses, to whom do we remember and like his name. I loved my grandfather, who was called Francis, and I liked the name. My brother had some reservations, but we left the request dependent on another name. All the way to birth. As soon as we took our little boy into our hands, my son looked at me and said, let's have a second name, Francis. So did our little son, Ferenc Csaba Geцncze, who listens to Muscat, Csetpet and sometimes also Csabikaferik.
Ge цnczeцl-Gyцrgyi María