The Effects of Baby Massage

The Effects of Baby Massage

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There are so many benefits to learning and practicing some gentle baby massage movements. Weak parental touch can work wonders.

The Effects of Baby Massage

Baby massage is not a new eastern "hubbub", as its roots are thousands of years old, from India. Let's see the positive effects!

1. Good mood

Baby massage enhances the interaction between mother and child, improving the quality of the relationship and reducing the symptoms of postpartum depression. Massage has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the development of newborns.

2. Better sleep quality

Babies who are regularly massaged tend to sleep better, smell less, and are less stressful than their non-massaged counterparts. Properly learned gestures can even say goodbye to fine stomachaches - a good baby massage can make the process of necking easier.

3. Strengthens the immune system, improves muscles

Baby massage can also be a great help in boosting the immune system, it also improves blood circulation and further develops muscles.

4. Help you get rid of stress

Beyond bodily influences, it should not be forgotten that baby massaging also benefits souls and parent-child relationships. During the massage, we create an intimate and intimate atmosphere, creating a stress-free environment, making us more comfortable with each other. We will be more confident about which signal means what and how to respond.Important: Dad's massage too!It is important to bear in mind that baby massage is not the only choice for mothers: dads can do it. This is one way that the Fathers feel that they are involved in parenting right from the start, and that this is a great opportunity for them to have as much engagement as possible with their children.

When should we introduce baby massage?

Fortunately, we don't have to wait too long to get started with baby massage, as professionals recommend it from a few weeks onwards. But graduality is important: at first, start with only the areas that your baby loves, and then, carefully, extend to the rest of your body. masszнrozzunk. If you get used to it and you love your baby, you can get involved in your daily routine. Don't forget: baby massaging will not only keep your baby balanced and calm, but also whoever is applying it.
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