Let's teach our child to lose

Let's teach our child to lose

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"You have to know to lose," says the proverb. It is a natural part of our lives that we cannot always be first. However, this fact can only be accepted through long study.

Let's teach our child to lose

For our three-year-old child, we were trying to explain that it was not important for them to win in social games. All parents with small children know the situation when we make every effort to make the smallest member of our family the winner. One or two years from now we can try to slowly explain that games, tournaments they don't always say that we are always winners.

Let's lose it

The first step is to teach us to lose our child without anger if we give it a chance. It is good to feel the wins on our young child's face, but if we want to teach you how to lose your lips, you have to introduce them to your wounds too. dıkkitırıs, sarna And other negative reactions can be counted. as It evolves literally and emotionally, so he'll understand more and more what we want to teach him when we tell you that we didn't uproot the board of socials in the previous round when he won. Of course, if we win from time to time, we lose sometimes, but that doesn't mean we are worse than the other.

Participation is important

Although everyone wants to win, let's try to explain to our child that play is the thing. It is also a good thing to play if someone else wins the game because it is best to be with your family and friends. As an example, the games can be the cardinal and the foam on the card in the first place. For the bigger ones, we can explain that being afraid is about getting the most out of yourself. Even if you don't come first, show him how proud we are of doing and treating him as if he had won the race. This significantly reduces the discomfort caused by scarring.

Sporty attitude

The next step is to teach our child how to congratulate the winner. Explain that in a competitive situation a sporty behaviorif we don't throw the dice far in the event of losing our games, but we don't even boast if we win. This requires the knowledge of a more mature person.

My own experiences

Tell your child about our own experiences, experiences with board games, competitions. Through our example, you will find that sometimes we lose because we are unlucky or because someone was cured of us, even though we did our best to succeed. The more successful we are at explaining that many times it is not only up to us to win something, it will reduce our ability to deal with emotional issues if you lose.
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